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    Who is going to read all that

    Always someone here to flame staff =/. The problem I see in the game is the community itself. I keep myself in a small group of players who, at least in my presence, are friendly and take in all players only using votekicks for removing hack tool users. I honestly don't see any GM/GS problems as alot of the people are actually helpful. My problem with s4 is the lag between NA and EU right now but my patience won't allow me to be salty about it. I apologize about the lag to most players and try my best, knowing eventually it will get fixed. Acting like you're a know-it-all, flaming, cursing, or even just outright pointing fingers is quite immature D: These people are volunteers who sacrifice time out of their play time to help you.

    I know in all my years that some GM's don't even play S4 but I am not complaining aabout that without a kickvote give the hackers a chance to hack room and can't stop them when GM's and CM's are not on the game!!! :)