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    Suddenly tears were rolling down Harry Potato's cheeks, this was his favorite childhood game on the deathbed after all.. he can't let this happen, he immediately calls Pig Potter and they start their journey to save their beloved S4!

    Because there are also legit players who plays this game as well (shocking, i know). What about those ppl who had to deal with your hacking over those years? Also hackers never changes. Once cheater is always a cheater.

    I can bet on the next ban wave everyone will be asking for another chance as well.

    How will ppl learn not to hack if everything is just forgiven and there is no punishment? If you want to play the game and be clean, you will start all over and think twice before using tools that you think are "undetected".

    I'm not a cheater myself, just saying it's unfair to give a second chance to just few individuals and not everyone. That's not how to treat the community. Some individuals, not dropping any names, have done some effed up stuff in the past, of course they regret (that's what they tend to say at least), but they got unbanned. Is it fair? Of course not. Why not give a second chance to others too?

    In my opinion everyone who was unbanned should be banned, the account(s) they were banned on. However, they would be free to make a new account, just like every other cheater.

    Giving others a second chance shouldn't be such a issue. If they cheat again, drop the ban hammer, problem solved and no more unbans.

    Yes, it is unfair to unban just few people. Don't say that other people haven't tried as hard as them, because I'm pretty sure some tried even harder. There's no way of getting unbanned just by sending a ticket and apologizing. No matter how hard you try, there's always Marika stating that the ban is permanent and will NOT be lifted for ANY reason as they claim to have "zero-tolerance" policy, however you are free to make a new account and start over.

    If few individuals get their main account unbanned, why does not everyone? Ban them again or give everyone a chance to get unbanned. I mean.. their ban was PERMANENT, they could have just made new accounts, but no, they get their mains unbanned.

    Ever thought about lifting all the bans? I believe this would bring back a lot of players, and before y'all start replying with "No.. this will only bring more hackers back" and other nonsense bs, let me tell you something, where's the problem in banning them again? If these individuals deserved a second chance, then everybody does.

    It's Christmas after all, how about you for once actually give back to community and make as much people as you can happy.


    The way I believe this actually works,

    in order to get to Tier 8, you've to play EVERY mode for 2 hours. Rewards won't stack, so putting in additional hours is worthless. People now wonder why there are more days than stages, that's incase if you couldn't do it the first day, you can simply just continue the next day with the rest. If you love this game, it's not that hard to put in an hour a day for the event. You have an option to either do full 2 hours in a day or split it up however you'd like and want. I believe it would've been better if the modes were mixed up a little bit and not the same mode for two days in a row.

    I agree that rewards aren't the best and that something like a perm set or weapon would've been better, but hey, at least we get something.

    Hi, is there any chance you could do it in en2 server someday? I think it's kinda unfair to people that are blacklisted and cannot participate in such events.