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    Why you don't play chaser q,q . Chaser for lifechaserlovlygirldaemonLilithemoji

    And you may not play the room/more but I've seen ppl that still play them. Think for everybody nor for yourself.

    I don't get what u mean by that.

    A weapon that I think which also needs a nerf is the demon's Fist, it deals too much damage with its light, its range is OP and with only 4 Lights, you're low or dead.

    I didn't find that weapon so badly. I do admit that the dmg is big but that weapon is easy to counter. I've played against players who used the fist and I saw that the only hard moment to counter is you use br too. Fist alone is no big deal.

    Hello fellas,

    I Would like to share some of the things that I don't like ( hate ) at this game.

    1. The pass mode and Removed maps:
      • I still don't get why you deleted some of the maps that was in s4 or you don't post some new skins for the already maps ( I remember there was christmas skins for st2 or azit ex if i remember and we didn't had it)
      • I would like to see at least half of the TD maps in the TD Pass Mode. If some people think it would be too easy some specific map you could try to make the ball (entety ball) to not be able to go trough some walls like it is in Chaser and nightmare map. Only the Chaser can go trough a floor & wall and people can't. So there would be .. let's say a labyrinth made of that type of walls/floors etc. for the player that has the ball and the ball can't be passed trough that wall . If some people didn't understood what I tried to say here I can show that using a game (that's not on Aeria) via PM.:Fumbi2:
    2. Bugs:
      • We know that s4 have a lot of bugs but for me I think there are still some bad and annoying bugs and i would like to see what's the priority of these:
        1. The Chaser block bug: The bug when the Chaser can't get up. I don't know how you can fix it but it is really annoying because I saw a good amount of players that exploit it too much.
        2. The Azit Ex behind spawn bug: We all know that bug and some of us don't get it why it is still there. On Captain or DM v1 rooms that bug kills the spirit.

          • ( If I miss some big one please reply it here)
    3. Week-end Challenges :
      • I've think about a nice way to make the week-ends challenges better (from my POV). Why don't you guys put a new tab next to the achievements menu and you change from there every week or so. In the week time when the challenge is ofc off you could let there a Timer to the next challenge and when it is time for a challenge to put like is is the mission , on right the mode and map and on left the max hours you can do it and the rewards for every hour. I'd say that if you do hat it will be better for both sides especially for the staff team because they won't search anymore everybody to see who did the challenge or no ( the players get the rewards after every hour via a pop-out at the end of the match).
      • If I have time I could try to make a sketch for you to show how I really see it.:Fumbi2:
    1. Weapon adjustments:
      1. Nerf: :cursing:Alice7
        • Breaker: We all had, have and will have problems with the Br because is too strong. I'd like to see a cooldown to the jump attack like you guys did to CS couple years ago because if we try to get it logically how can you move faster an heavier weapon , BR, than an easier weapon, bat, . There is no logic.
        • Plasma Sword: I hate so god dam much the stunlock/stunkill (the hek you people call it) and I want to see that nerf. I want to see a cooldown on it (again as you people did with cs so we couldn't do the boomerang trick all the time) . In that way we could at least don't see stunlock in v1 maps and harder to be done in bigger rooms. The stunlock kills the spirit of the game because you lock the enemy and he can't do * .
        • Iron boots: The movement speed of the IB is too much . You can lower it to have the same as dagger (it will still have the right click boost but it helps)
        • Railgun : Even tho I play almost all the time Swords I still do some guns match and I didn't like the buff of the railgun because you people created a shotgun and a sniper in the same weapon. You should/must kill the knockback if the player don't zoom in and lower the dmg if the player don't zoom in.
      2. Buff:
        • Vital Claw: Is the only buff I see we need it because the weapon is nice ( or at least the concept). I would like that the dash to do the same dmg as the ps dash. and increase with a bit the dmg of the push.

    That may be all of what I thought it is necessary. I'm open to any other changes.

    P.S. : I know that my eng isn't that great so please don't hate >.<Alice2Alice2

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