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    Yes it is. A lot of things are related to another. You touch one, another breaks. Even the korean devs couldn't fix most of the problems and they got carried over to the current version.

    It is no surprise trying to build stuff on a bugy code will make it even more buggy.

    Sure, the Korean devs did make a rather poor job of creating the source code for this game to the point that they unorganized everything but it's not say that it isn't salvageable & fixable. I find it ironic that Aeria/Gamingo - with all the money they have to run their business - can't find competent developers who can understand and work around the sloppy job of Pentavision/GameOn yet you got hobbyists and people who are fed up with Aeria/Gamingo who take upon themselves to make work with the game code.....not even the source code, mind you....and can still make a more stable server than the owners of said property. That's saying a lot.

    In the gaming industry a game is never called dead until the development completely stops.

    No, this statement is only half true. A game is not only called dead when development completely stops but it's also dead when the community completely loses faith in said game and abandons it even if development is still on-going......Anthem is the best example of this and I'm pretty sure S4 is in that area to some degree but luckly, you have some completely faithful players who are dedicated to this game because there is nothing like it. The game has potential yet it's being squandered on the likes of Aeria/Gamingo.

    Sincethis company has the complete intellectual rights (property & trademark) of S4 League assets (correct me if I'm wrong), Aeria/Gamingo has free reign to do unimaginable stuff to the series to not only improve the game but to also remake it if they so desired but that won't happen. I mean, it's cost effective to just keep working on the current version and milking your community over reskins, reshades, and low quality skins....not to mention a few server fixes here and there. But what do I know, I'm just some person who deals in anime, game development (as a hobby), and advertising (only worked with Arc System Works & Degica Games on 1 occasion for both companies).

    How about we get rid of the server crashes and p2w first, before talking about uninteresting stuff like airhugging.

    That's not going to happen because that requires something we call "work"....something they obviously haven't done in the past few years they've had this game if people are still complaining about server crashes and p2w.

    The idea in itself is good and could work but the fact that this game has a lack of unique stuff for the battlepass makes it quite pointless overall.

    I'm not keen on trying to shoot for free stuff that's already in the game that I have seen over and over again which is the appeal of other games that have battle passes (Fortnite, Battle Royale, Apex Legends, Ring of Elysium, etc.). You have to entice people with something that they haven't seen or can't get by any other means in order for a battle pass to work most of the time and with the way this game is now, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    I miss this old times.

    Wow....those bring back some fond memories and it even shows my the posts I kept up with during my tenure with Alaplaya. Good times....

    I'll make this brief then....

    The name is MikuruX and my signature pretty much sums up who I am. I guess I stopped actually playing back in 2013 but I lurk the forums about 5 times a year and the game like 1 time a year just to see how things have or haven't it good or bad. I'm mostly critical of everything about the game as of late but that's a subject for another time as I'm sure someone makes it a habit of pointing it out every time I want to talk BS about the game. Other than that, I spend my time playing other games, streaming, drawing, web designing, and planning events such as fighting game tournaments for locals and conventions.

    I am definitely not expecting content quality as the old dev team but doesn't aeria also have another game that got abandoned by its devs and they took the development?

    If they did, I'm unaware of it as the other games are of no concern to me. What they do with them is their own thing as with S4 League but since I have history with this game being localized in the beginning, it concerns me in the direction it has went.

    One of the main things you all need to keep in mind:

    "Aeria Games is not a game development company.......their a publisher first before anything else. The fact that they didn't start creating a dedicated game development division for instances way before the acquisition of the S4 League property rights like this shows their lack of readiness to handle such a task as game development when they can't even keep their community satisfied with their upkeep of their licensed games or properties."

    This is why you should lower your expectations of them doing a noteworthy job to "0" so that way, you won't be hurt when your expectations get crushed for them not following through on their job or "promises." I feel like a parrot repeating the same drivel over and over again but hey, it has to be said.

    about this,can there be a mode in the future that just allows chatting and casual duels among each other?sometimes i just want to chill and i dont even care abt xp or pen.just a suggestion for ppl who just like to chill in game

    I've been stating for years to no avail that if they want to rid the game of chill rooms to stop players from gaining EXP in a way they are not meant to get it, they should make a open lobby mode (kinda like how Freejack Online does) where players can make free lobbies to practice jumps, shoot & bash people as freely as they want to train without all the problems of people gaining ill-gained EXP. But hey, what do I know, I'm just some former Alaplaya GM who has some experience in game design. <_<

    With less than 1k players active at the same time daily, that's how it'll end. Not pushing that to the actual devs but they have gotten a pretty rusty game on their hands to work with and i kinda feel bad for them.

    To be honest, I don't feel bad for them at all. All the signs of a dying game was there in plain view for them to see and yet they waited to till the last frickin minute to buy the rights to a dead horse hoping to use the necronomicon to bring it back to life.

    Now all their left with is a game with a possible riddled game coding so complicated or confusing (or both) that it's going on almost a half a year for them to bring something out and you would think GameOn would have gave them some tech notes to help ease the transition but that doesn't seem to be the case (prove me wrong someone). Not only that, now they have to get people who are not only good at coding & engineering the game system & servers but also content creators to help create & rig models into content for the game. First and foremost, Aeria is a publisher.....not a game development company so I highly doubt they had those kinds of people on hand after the S4 acquisition cause....ya know.....the buying of rights of S4 League had to been planned months ahead of time since they must have known about the KR server shutdown way before it was made public (they had to, Neowiz has to inform all right owners of what could possibly become a total closure of all S4 League servers when the KR server shuts down cause they'll be moving all of their game development resources away from it meaning no more content or work is being done). During that time, they've had ample amount of time to construct a small game development team of competent people able to do such work.

    But again, I'm not Aeria (nor do I wish to be a part of it) so I don't know what they have going on in the background so I can only go off experience and speculation.

    So Aeria owns all of S4 and are in control of the updates.....

    Lord, let's see how this train wreck is going to end. <_<

    Cosmetic changes to a game does not make a game worth coming back to....well, I guess that depends on whom you talk to. Core gameplay and actually playing the game for a bit are a deciding factor if a game is worth coming back into. Pretty much, take everyone's word with at face value and go into the game yourself and see how you like it. If you enjoy it, then it was worth coming back to. If not, then it wasn't.....simple as that.

    Probably would have been better if you guys went with Invision Power Board as your forum system in stead due to some reasons:

    • Hard to read text due to the transparent forum background mixed with the background image in general and conflicting color choices
    • Ugly UI

    I understand that this is a new system but you would think this stuff would have been tested and debated upon before implementing it. Just saying. <_<