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    Why should you waste your time on suiciding so many times in the first place?

    No one forces you to do it.


    Easy! if you want what we give that day you participate if not you can still enjoy S4 the usual way.

    So what's up with that task 8 announcement in game? Should I submit again just in case?

    Edit- just checked and we do have to resend.

    BTW whats the reason for the resend?

    I doubt they will just share it that easy xD

    Well, they didnt make it clear, but always check discord, they add extra info when needed.

    And btw, you are talking about day 8 not 7 xD

    I feel like the events in the past few months have been way too demanding for the number of players that we have currently. If the events requires too much or doesn't offer a lot, the chances are, most people just won't bother which kills the whole point of having events.

    Not to mention it is very hard to find any info about the events.

    I just see ppl in asking in the game chat where to find the events since nothing is being announced anywhere. Even the advent button can be easily missed unless you are specifically looking for it. Yes, I know it is announced in discord but it should be on the website available to everyone.

    actually is published on the forum, lol.

    Well, if we take a look at Fortnite, around 25GB if i'm not wrong, uses EAC and it loads faster. The answer is that the game is almost brand new, optimized so...

    I agree in the part that most of S4 files are just trash that can be removed, but the thing is the game isn't optimized at all to run that fast.

    I have a serious question about the development of this game.
    I recently came back to the game because of nostalgia, and the thing that mostly surprise me is the lack of in-game events. I'm not talking about those events on the forums, which are nice, I'm not gonna lie. But It's still not enough.
    What I'm talking about is those in-game events such as Halloween, Christmas or Summer events with tokens and things like that. That's what get players to play and actually make them stick to the game. They already exist, just got to change the rewards. Honestly, it would already be a huge step forward.

    So, my question is : Why don't we get those events each year ?

    Oh, you mean farming events.

    Or, simply use the money you get from people purchasing AP on minimal-high quality developers to recreat the code, from the moment you came you've had a lot of time to consider getting new developers into the team but this thing never happened. Telling people on the forums that there are updates coming in the future while this game doesn't seem to have a future is just misleading. As said above every bug the current development team fixes, a new one appears which makes me think: maybe it's not the messy code, it's just the unexperienced developers trying to fix it. Saying this from past experience, spending money on good developers can fix a game and lead to great results. ;)

    Then, every game that get new bugs, like League of Legends, for example, are unexperienced devs? Yeah I agree.

    Hopefully there isn't a rule against insulting staff, because they're absolutely stupid. When a GM with only 14 posts comes in and ceases your discussion about their game, that's when you know they need to reconsider their forum rules.

    Wait, now the post you have is the only thing that matters 😂 As to take you seriously.

    You talk about toxicity when you banned yourself on discord, cute and hypocrite.

    I don't wanna sound rude but there are some games that are developed by 1 person that get more patches and updates

    I know that all of this is a long-term thingy, but as i've stated on discord i really feel like you guys are agaisnt the clock. Not saying you aren't working on it but people won't wait another 10 years for the game to be playable once again. I personally took a break from the game and i'm waiting for things to settle down but i found out that, such break is taking already a few months excluiding some 2 or 3 matches i tried to play with a friend that wanted me to join him, which ended with a crashing.

    Not only the game needs optimization but it also needs content rework and NEW content which i don't know if the current devs are up to the "challenge"- I know they are actually fixing some stuff so for me at least they do deserve some token of trust. Tho that token will get rusty over time if nothing gets really done

    I suppose you now that the devs are working for more games aswell, right?

    I wouldn't have known ... Still cant enter a game, last time i checked it was ^^

    + I know its not broken its just disabled , can you give me a good reason for that?

    Actually isnt needed. People only used the kick for abuse. And the hackers are gone. Also the afk's are getting their respective bans so, it's not needed right now.

    Vote kick isnt broken.