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    aeriagames team can only provide feedbacks from the community they cant directly tell the devs how to fix/change the game directly,even if u guys rage at these pm/gm/gs it dosent really matter since its not the devs that's reading the forums its filtered through pm/gm/gs then its selectively passed on to the devs

    cs revenge remove stun,katana charge attack hitbox fix,dagger special attack hitbox fix(just the last 2ticks of dmg hitbox),and why arent ppl trying to rebalance guns too instead of just focusing on melee when this is a SHOOTER game??

    nah server just lagging like hell now.. i usually get 150ms-200ms on all the other players now its 300-400 every room definitely server issue,sometimes the server calms down and i get the usual 150-200ms again but that very rarely happens.if u wonder why i get so much ping coz im asian and everybody hates me :)

    for swords : br's normal/jump atk animation delay increase,hitscan need to be sync'd with animation that's showing up,change cs name to block wallpush stunning sword,dagger special attack animation/hitbox fixing,cs needs delay on reusing revenge if the name doesnt get changed.

    for guns : bombs critical hit change to unable to crit/certain way of getting critical hits instead of it being random at all times,railgun attack cd increase,remove random crits from spark rifle,increase height of the character of those who are using sharpshooter while scoped(currently its basicly a few pixels being shown if the player who is using sharpshooter is scoping behind the walls to the side of the spawn of st2),decrease sp given by mk2 heal or critical heals does not give extra sp,if railgun attack cd doesnt go through,reduce canon charge attack time.

    for system : add specific graphic settings that allows removal of unwanted effects,increase transparency of fumbi's beam on td mode,removal of wallshooting (because it is just unreasonable for a player to be basically invulnerable while dealing damage to the opponent,i dont mind players taking advantage of being able to see the opponent through walls,being able to shoot through it just makes no sense at all),adding detection to macro users.

    1. br is just stupid with its animation on the normal attack you literally need to stunlock him or he will just do 2 normal attacks and simply kill you.
    2. cs revenge should not stun and there is no reason for it to be stunning people upon defending the hit,it's a "counter sword" in my opinion its just a shield with a dagger i see nothing in the weapons' ability that can be said is actually "countering" any attacks,as it is now its basicly a blocking stun sword pls rename it to that.
    3. back to the main topic,i think melee just need a major overhaul on their hitbox,interval of attacks and how some weapon works like cs as example.

    1. can bombs reach +5 mag? the most i've seen so far was +3
    2. can there be detailed explanations about defense piercing? its just really confusing to me whether it's a chance to ignore all defense or just simply a flat dmg increase
    3. what does object/healing heals? does it heal the player for +30% more? or just for buildings/AI in arcade/warfare?

    hella explained this on the previous forum,they capped the max fps because higher fps would mean that people with toasters wont be able to run faster compared to those with super high fps like in gta 5 racing,the max cap is needed to prevent that from happening.

    how about reduce the current stats of the U dual mastery and dual master to 20/20 15/15? since its dual mastery i dont see why they give so much stats as it should've been a merging concept which should have some downside on it not upside. second thing is why is toy block removed from the current unique skill capsule that u can obtain by exchanging cards for it? i dont see the reason for it unless its from copyright claim from alaplaya