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    I agree with you all, the gameplay is unique, there's nothing like it. Also I have been playing since 2009, and I still love it. It becomes a part of your life, believe it or not.

    But yeah, it wasn't what it was in the past. S4 needs a facelift.

    I am with the ones who want to remove the vote kick system. I have always thought that a report system like the one we have on CS:GO and Rocket League would be a good replacement, that is if the Game Masters join more frecuently, of course.

    Anyways, the vote kick abuse is a problem that must be confronted ASAP, this is actually chasing the new players away, which is pretty bad to the game, at the state it is right now.

    Especialy since in there you could save your choices and just roll roll roll till perma (or till you got broke xD)

    Yeeah, that was the best one. But I'm talking about the previous one to the current version xDD. There's a slight difference in the names, the oldest one was called Fumbi Shop, then the following ones were renamed as Random Shop.

    I've heard that a lot, and it goes against everything I know about game design and learning new skills. Even extremely hard games have a difficulty curve (and don't hit you with the hardest difficulty all of a sudden), and nobody starts to play the piano on absurdly difficult pieces. Sports teachers don't go all out against their students, and I wasn't taught quantum physics in middle school. It's not insulting, it's just appropriate.

    Playing against people who have thousands of hours of playtime under their belts and have end game gear BS is too much to ask to people who comparatively have just started the game. It scares people away from the game. On the other hand, there's a lot to learn from playing against people who are about as good as you (sometimes worse, sometimes better), and it feels more fair and fun.

    And, what about those who win without any challenge, is it really fun for them? Are they going to get any better from it?

    You have a point on there, and I can't argue in that with you. I probably think that way because I have always liked to challenge myself, but it's a bit unrealistic xDD, gotta admit that.

    I agree with you that kicking them is not the way. But I think that the only way to learn how to play is having the others at their true potential, if someone removes his fp weapons or costumes it seems like it's disrespecting the other player (and I am not saying that you can't play without costumes or with these ap weapons, I just mean when the other person can't even hit you). This is my opinion of course, you can see it from a different point of view.

    I don't know but i always liked this set.

    Some capsules of it were released twice ingame but the devs removed it, and I don't know the reason, but I managed to get it perm with ap stats.

    That set is called Basic Type A, there are multiple colors for it and it was used as the default set back when the game started. For some reason the bracelets and the shoes textures have been removed and overwritten by the current default set ones.

    The different colors


    Old bracelets and Shoes:

    you have that perm? lucky oops double post sorry mods

    Unfortunately, I lost my first account, but in the one that I'm currently using I have bought its capsules and I have it perm but with AP Stats

    False? I mean I like all sort of pizza, but I have never had the pleasure to try that type of pizza once :C

    The next one likes Steins;Gate

    I think that the only countries restricted in the game are those located in South America (Brazil, Colombia, etc), The game has a server called English 3 (North America), so countries such as Mexico and the United States are allowed to enter.

    I suppose that you're from Mexico then.

    Hi thanks for the quick answer but im dumb and dont understand it..haha sorry=(

    Am I able to use pananamans art or not? Since he is the drawer of S4League doesnt it mean its offical art? (Im not sure,sorry!)

    Pananaman's Art is official art from the game, but those only include his works made specifically for S4 League, not all his artworks.

    W-O-W Simply beautiful, those are pieces of art, I actually don't know what to say. And don't worry about the delay, you're doing me a favour, I can't ask you anything xDD.

    Thank you so much, you have future in this.

    PD: Also I don't know how to put the signature xD, if anyone could help me I would be pleased

    More or less. Not particularly a fan. Just a world history buff. And as far as Zero Escape goes I've only played Zero Time Dilemma... first play through I chose the correct color I think it was? Don't remember and reached the end lol.

    OT: Not an otaku just a nerd.

    OFF-TOPIC: oh I see xD, you should have started with 999 and then jumped at Virtue's Last Reward, they are far better than Zero Time Dilemma (Which is also the last one in the saga).

    S4 started as a promo for djmax series anyway.

    The honey set, the envy rangers etc.

    As hella has said the honey set was implemented as well in S4 League with its own weapong (HMG) and the headphones accesory.

    Also the classroom in the video seems similar to the one used in one of the S4 Trailers.

    Use the button print (If your keyboard has it, because the image is not clear enough) and then open paint, afterwards press ctrl + V. And there you have it, you can save it as a PNG or JPG format, as you please.

    Another solution would be using third party software.

    Speaking of combi, I think it is time to change the system anyway.

    It has been exploited for years and getting a legit player to combi with is impossible.

    Yeah Hella you're right, I do even wonder what's the percentage of new real players and not just secondary accounts.

    That could be an interesting solution. Let's wait for the devs to give us some support.