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    The same happened for me, the solution was activating VSYNC, if not I had microstutterings. If the ingame option doesn't work well for you, try forcing it through Nvidia control panel, that should do the work.

    Also, as it has been stated before, the game is locked to 60 FPS so no matter how much refresh rate your screen has, it won't go up those 60 FPS, but I think this matter must be worked on, at least for people that want to play competitive as this gives a huge advantage.

    Do i look like that guy when i give my opinion or is he just like that

    Well, he clearly doesn't know how to explain himselft properly, but we musn't dismiss his opinion just based on that. He has a point on some aspects.

    Well, you have to right click "My PC" icon and then properties, you will have a tab like this:


    On this tab will be shown you CPU and your RAM, to check your graphics card just press these two keys :winwdos-mas-r.png

    A tab will be opened on the bottom left corner, you just click on it and then type "dxdiag" without the quotation marks. And a new tab is shown:


    Then you click on "Display" and focus on "Device" and then "Name":

    This bug has been in the game even before aeria got the game and it happens to everyone. Getting a crash after leaving a room is still much better than the loading bug which we got before this one.

    No it's not that bug, maybe I haven't explained myself well, it's just a random crash and the game closes without any tab shown. Not the one that usually happens, I have stated that before, and it's also happening since the new patch so I doubt that it has any relation with previous versions.

    Be more specific about when you are crashing. The crashes that happens after the first few mins into the match can be bypassed by reentering the server after after the game has loaded.

    It happens when I finish a game, sometimes even in the waiting lobby, it's seriously pissing me off. My computer can perfectly handle the game, I'm not running out of ram, and the game was working perfectly (aside from the usual crashes that we all experience) until the new patch.

    It looks good either way imo

    Yeah, it does, but the contestant hasn't done much work, just a little of image editing and a filter. And he/she is using Panamamang's art without permission (He can't give him any permission anyways, he's deceased) because it wasn't designed for S4 League.

    In other events it was stated that you could use artworks from him designed for the game, as it doesn't entall any Copyright infringement, but this entry doesn't meet these requirements.

    Well, there are still some crashes happening around the day. Eng 1 got entirely wiped out of the blue this evening. Anyways, this is nothing compared to what was happening before, I'm glad that the server has more stability.

    Im literally blushing since 20minutes hahaha. Thank you so much and I'm glad you like it! When I saw the dancing Zoidbergs I laughed a lot too, but not just at that, i found so many memes and they always made me laugh. And about the show..I need to be honest I think I only watched one episode once XD.. I should maybe try to watch it!

    I don't know if i could ever take money for it, since its only edits haha.

    And thank you for crediting me, it makes me feel really proud actually =)! (the way u and molang did it is just fine and i really appreciate it )

    Only edits? Come on! You put your soul in every work you do xDDD.

    Those signs have a high amount of work behind them, the original artworks could not be yours, but the rest is, and they are as valuable as the originals.

    As long as I know, every country don't have their own programming language. They are not a normal language like Spanish, English and so on. One programmer would use HTML5 to create a webpage, here in Europe and USA or Japan as well, and these kind of examples continue. I don't know where did you heard such a thing. This sounds weird if you see it from logic itself.

    If I'm wrong, please give me some evidence.

    It wouldn't hurt to give them HP+30 as their perm starter skill instead of the HP+15 one on top of giving them the perms you mentioned . The game gives them a 30 day Dual Mastery through level rewards, and they're gonna be missing that when it expires. CyberWing89

    But honestly even if you give them new items it still won't help them much if they're up against smurf players who'll run circles around them. Something should be done about the smurf problem before that first tbh, and the game should be fixed overall before all that though. I can't imagine new players would stay long with the constant crashes, bugs. and hack user problems on top of that.

    (Also remember in the beginner server they'd be more likely to run into hack users). Poor beginners...

    To solve this on the short term I would get rid of the level 20 requirement te enter Netsphere channels. But then we would get back to the kicking issues. Anyways, that was better than it is right now, amateurs are still getting kicked as rookies would be.

    Some of them just straight left when aeria removed the team with no warning whatsoever, can't blame them but you can still find some old spanish folks around

    Yeah, I can assure that. I'm spanish and I have a great number of spanish people on my friend list. But it can't be compared to the amount of english or german people.

    I agree with you all, the gameplay is unique, there's nothing like it. Also I have been playing since 2009, and I still love it. It becomes a part of your life, believe it or not.

    But yeah, it wasn't what it was in the past. S4 needs a facelift.

    I am with the ones who want to remove the vote kick system. I have always thought that a report system like the one we have on CS:GO and Rocket League would be a good replacement, that is if the Game Masters join more frecuently, of course.

    Anyways, the vote kick abuse is a problem that must be confronted ASAP, this is actually chasing the new players away, which is pretty bad to the game, at the state it is right now.

    Especialy since in there you could save your choices and just roll roll roll till perma (or till you got broke xD)

    Yeeah, that was the best one. But I'm talking about the previous one to the current version xDD. There's a slight difference in the names, the oldest one was called Fumbi Shop, then the following ones were renamed as Random Shop.

    I've heard that a lot, and it goes against everything I know about game design and learning new skills. Even extremely hard games have a difficulty curve (and don't hit you with the hardest difficulty all of a sudden), and nobody starts to play the piano on absurdly difficult pieces. Sports teachers don't go all out against their students, and I wasn't taught quantum physics in middle school. It's not insulting, it's just appropriate.

    Playing against people who have thousands of hours of playtime under their belts and have end game gear BS is too much to ask to people who comparatively have just started the game. It scares people away from the game. On the other hand, there's a lot to learn from playing against people who are about as good as you (sometimes worse, sometimes better), and it feels more fair and fun.

    And, what about those who win without any challenge, is it really fun for them? Are they going to get any better from it?

    You have a point on there, and I can't argue in that with you. I probably think that way because I have always liked to challenge myself, but it's a bit unrealistic xDD, gotta admit that.

    I agree with you that kicking them is not the way. But I think that the only way to learn how to play is having the others at their true potential, if someone removes his fp weapons or costumes it seems like it's disrespecting the other player (and I am not saying that you can't play without costumes or with these ap weapons, I just mean when the other person can't even hit you). This is my opinion of course, you can see it from a different point of view.

    I don't know but i always liked this set.

    Some capsules of it were released twice ingame but the devs removed it, and I don't know the reason, but I managed to get it perm with ap stats.

    That set is called Basic Type A, there are multiple colors for it and it was used as the default set back when the game started. For some reason the bracelets and the shoes textures have been removed and overwritten by the current default set ones.

    The different colors


    Old bracelets and Shoes:

    you have that perm? lucky oops double post sorry mods

    Unfortunately, I lost my first account, but in the one that I'm currently using I have bought its capsules and I have it perm but with AP Stats

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