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    So you're saying 8-15 letters aren't enough to protect your account? As much as having as long of a password as you would like it to be is a good idea, it's not necessary. I recommend you to stop using common passwords generators.

    No email verification is pretty dumb, I agree.

    As for mobile/2FA security, I'm positive it's not as simple to implement it and still have everything working as intended, knowing AG.

    The fact that you got "hacked," or whatever you want to make yourself, believe three times, is solely your fault. You can not blame AG for it happening to you three times, while the vast majority's been just fine with their 8-15 letter passwords.

    And as for you saying more security has to be done, it really doesn't. Just because this community is so toxic and wants to ruin the experience for others by keylogging (or whatever other way there is) others, doesn't mean a company has to get more security. Would be nice if it did though. :S