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    Yeah so Esper chip enchant. can it get anymore frustrating ?

    the chance of getting level 5 is so low..

    it take too much pen and effort to get all your dreams crashed with "Item has been destroyed"

    what a joke!

    can the developers actually tweak the chance for a bit WE KNOW ITS NOT RANDOM. :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    they said its dying in 2012 and its still very much alive..

    CSgo died and s4 is still okay lol.

    I believe s4 will still be here even after overwatch dies lmao

    I have the same issue, I created a thread like this 5-6 months ago. When we didn't have this flashy "forum"

    and response was "we need more time to fix" hhhhhhhh. so is it fixed yet ? ..

    Note: the MS goes normal. After maintenance I see all green, for 2-3 days then its back to this shiit (blue/red MS distance like MS ), and I have to wait for the next maintenance to play the game again :3.