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    Let me put it this way, because people can mean different things with farming and it's better to include all:

    If you normally play the game, all is good.

    If you reach the same outcome with a different way, it probably is not.

    You are supposed to earn PEN/XP by playing the game. AFK is not playing. Bots are not playing. If someone else plays your account, it's not you who's playing. So all these cases are problematic.

    Did I miss anything?

    Thanks for taking your time to write all this in such a good manner!

    Votekick is going into the next pm letter's feedback form.

    As for different mods and maps being played, unfortunately there are no easy solutions for this. That said, it's something that's definitely in my radar. We have some short and long terms ideas but currently we aren't close to implementation.

    Hey everyone,

    I was reading on game story and I have a question. I thought someone here may have some extra information.

    In Union story, it says that the leaguers are now using real weapons. What's meant by that?

    Was this when typewriter was released? In the end they are still fighting inside Netsphere, right?

    Also, we definitely need to do some proof reading for the story in game.

    Why was reading lore? Mostly because of <censored>.:saint:

    Let me answer a few things.

    1) Yes, it's up to us to provide the best service possible. However, this does not justify exploiting the game's weak points to gain advantage. Small things we won't punish anyone but the difference is VERY clear in some cases. And even when it's not, if you are actively trying to have unfair advantage, you are taking a risk.

    2) I can't say much about security openly but I can tell you we are happier than before. Some of the issues we've faced were expected (as we switched to a new system, there was a period of adaptation) and there were other issues that had reasons other than Battleye's capacity. Extra information: It's up to us to decide on the security solution used in our servers, so this wasn't a choice by developers.

    3) You can definitely suggest anime! I'm currently fixated on Netflix tbh and I was really happy to see FMA there (I haven't finished watching it... don't kill me) but it turned out to be only in German Sub/Dub : ( Anyway, just need to dig my crunchyroll account :P

    4) People seem to have hated the ending of Altered Carbon. I don't know, I didn't hate it, I wasn't super disappointed. I wasn't super impressed either. Like Stranger Things and From Dusk Till Dawn (TV series adaptation) I kinda wish that it just ended in a single season but oh well.

    I knew I forgot something... Too many topics this month. About the lags: We are looking into that and we have a good idea about the reason. It's still WIP, not much to say other than that atm.

    Hey guys, I have to make some changes as there were some very recent (read: yesterday) news : ( If it seems to be dragging we'll release the EN version first and bring the others when we can.

    PS: Can I be a GS too? Do I get free stuff?

    Hey guys,

    I aimed the letter for the end of month (ie today or so) but I had to change a lot of it, had a lot of extra work due to issues and got sick on top of it.

    I'll still try to get it this week and do my best to keep it monthly.

    Hey guys, unfortunately the convo turned into something else but wanted to touch a few more things.

    1) You may choose to believe we just care about money or whatever. Security would still not be something we'll say "let's ignore this because we like monies", because better security means happier players and less tickets, meaning better results for the game and less workload on the company.

    2) Devs don't "work for us." Developers develop the game, we publish the game to Europe and NA. This is collaboration, ie we give them feedback, they take it into consideration etc but it's not a case of telling them to do something. I wanna make that clear. We've had more than a single disagreement in the past for various reasons.

    3) We are helping people whenever we can, but we don't have magic wands that can fix anything. Community team works really hard to help you guys but as someone who's been there personally, we don't really have all the capacity you assume we do. I've just added this to the PM Letter to give you some more information.

    Regardless, sorry to everyone who had a bad experience, it's our job to minimize it and give you the best. Even if it's up to developers to fix things, we are here to talk with you guys.

    Hey everyone,

    We definitely care and these have been discussed over the years. But these are big undertakings and we haven't complete results yet. There are occasionally things happening on background, features being added etc.

    I would personally wish for sooner but as mentioned this is larger than s4, this is about the whole portal and a dozen games with different ways of logging in. I mean, I'm guessing that's a factor, I'm not an expert in the area.

    I'm not setting a good example here but I think I can get away with this >: D
    Welcome to new forums!

    I can't believe we have new forums \o/