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    I get sick one day and Scragger leaks my documents...

    These were my secret entries for the next character creation contest. Really!

    (You can see the style similarity by comparing them to my profile picture, almost identical)

    On a serious note: We will talk more about some things that we will do. In terms of style, we may have some variety of differences, at least initially as we have a completely different team at the moment. However, we don't mean to stray away from the path overall, don't worry! But keep the feedback coming, it's invaluable!

    I can confirm Scragger. I think per month is too often. Then again, maybe we'll see it will make more sense and do it. Or there will be, say, 3 months in a row where we make balance patches than 3 months with none.

    But I can promise follow-ups. Ie if we make a balance change and we get overwhelming feedback from community (like with railgun), there will be a change soon.

    Guys, I just shared an idea, we may do something completely different. Of course, give me the feedback, that's welcome : ) Just confirming there is no set plan.

    Edit: I noticed I sent an incomplete message somehow. I don't have the original version but edited to be more complete.

    Let me clarify. Combi Set cap was a mistake. I still haven't forgotten about it and I still want to do something about it. Maybe sending an exclusive reward to people with the right combi level.

    Not now, the focus is somewhere else, but it's in my mental list.

    Hey everyone,

    Me with yet another feedback topic, related to the previous one.

    Here are my questions:

    In your experience (and please let everyone THEIR experience)

    1) What are the weapons that are being used all the time?

    2) Why?

    3) What are the weapons that are (almost) never being used?

    4) Why?

    Feel free to skip or answer any questions. I'd also invite you to discuss with each other (in a civil way.)

    Hey everyone,

    I want to start getting some feedback!

    Here is what I'd like to hear in this particular thread:

    Feedback on weapons that need balancing the most, reasons and how you'd fix it.

    Fixes should be simple to implement, like changing some numbers.

    Let me give you a format:

    Weapon Name [Buff/Nerf/Balance]



    In time I will ask for more detailed feedback or about another topics.

    So I ask you to focus on what I'm asking.

    Good Samples:

    Bad samples:


    We'll definitely look at data, but I don't know what the best way would be.

    Since we have direct access to our database, we may not need a bot. But then again, bot may provide some real-time data, which could be interesting.

    Thanks for the idea!

    Hey guys, a few points

    1) Unless something goes wrong, we will see things in 3 months. Hopefully, more than one patch actually \o/

    2) We will make a developer diary of sorts. This will include informing you of what's going on for some transparency and also to answer the questions you asked in the PM Letter form. This will be weekly or bi-weekly or something like this.

    We may even do like a facebook stream for answering questions, what do you guys say? (Of course we'd put the video somewhere)

    3) S4DB isn't completely reliable but more importantly, as I said, a metric by itself does not tell a story.

    Let me elaborate very shortly.

    CCU, concurrent users, is how many people are currently in game. This number usually increases in evenings and of course, it's important. It gives you a message about your popularity.

    However, this is not filtered by unique users. You may have less people during the day active AT THE SAME TIME but more people active DURING THE DAY. Similarly, you may have less people active DURING THE DAY, but more people overall IN A MONTH.

    So just looking at CCU doesn't give you the picture. It doesn't even give you the half. And just player numbers also don't give you the exact picture.

    That's not to dismiss CCU, it's an important indicator and regardless of "death" status, it's better to have more active players at a given time of course. But in this topic it's been used to judge how close the game to death and I want to clarify that it's not the way number-reading works.

    By the way, we've been banning bots and hackers, which also decreases numbers but positively.

    Shanic, I would LOVE TO have this happen.

    But Hella is right, it may be hard to implement.

    However, I just got out of a meeting regarding topics around this and once we are settled, it seems we can do a lot of community contests. We can probably call them something else since they may not be a big rare event anymore.

    I would like to see things for us oldies who been playing regularly. After we hit cap.. we really don't get much of anything. Daily missions I don't think is robust enough either. Longevity is in my mind. We old loyal players don't have much to go for except when we feel like spending AP.

    I agree and we have things in mind. Some may be a bit tough to implement though, need to check.

    Thanks a lot for the time dedicated to one player u felt threatened by, if only you spent that precious time on working on improvements for the game, starting with the horrible GUI itself, rather than writing pointless songs (;

    Why would we be threatened by players and negative opinions?
    Since I was a GM/CM, I've never tried to shut down negative comments. I wouldn't be asking for feedback and be around in forums/discord if I was threatened : )

    It's not a pointless song by the way, it had actual points.

    I do understand where you are coming from, because we've had a lot of issues and a lot of cases where player feedback wasn't taken into consideration as much as it could have (or it felt so.)
    It won't be easy, we don't have a magical wand to fix things.

    Maybe the humor wasn't for you and also to clarify: It was definitely not mocking. I wouldn't do that. I may be humorous in my own way, may tease a bit (as in this case) but I will never mean to mock or negatively write to any of you. And if anyone thinks that way, please know that it's not the case. I joke around and tease my friends and colleagues as well, I'm simply being myself here. There are no bad intentions. Sincere and public apologies if that's how it came out.

    I appreciate all the feedback topics and negative feedback as well. It helps if you are constructive, but it's fine if you aren't. Unless you are deliberately misinforming, insulting anyone etc, you are entitled to speak your mind. You are allowed to mock us too, I usually laugh at those as well (and take notes :P)

    Another thing is: I spent... some minutes on the song to communicate some points humorously. I am also working on improvements, but I'm not the person to literally change the GUI :) I think you know that. But FYI, I did ask the developers about changing the GUI and it's on our list. Honestly, not at the top, but it's there. Not at the bottom either. Depends on difficulty.


    Hiring developers and making long term plans isn't really "milking." It's actually the opposite of it. And the numbers are of course lower than, say, 2 years ago or so. But how much change did we have in these years? Not enough, we all know that. And that's the whole point: We want to change things. We don't want things to happen the same way.

    Two quick points: You know how long it took us to remove repair. This would have happened instantly if we were developing. Another example is balance changes. The changes were, despite us providing feedback, were in the end done by KR developers, who are influenced largely by KR server. Now we're gonna ask you and check your data to decide.

    As I keep saying: I can *guarantee* you nothing except that we will do our best. And that what I want to do is to make this game fun for the S4 League community, not for myself and not for the company management. For me this comes a bit personally as I was a CM in this game but even from a pragmatic perspective, that's what makes most sense.

    By the way, I want to clarify one complaint I saw mentioned in DE forums and is very right: I didn't mention bugfixes, performance optimization and security. In my mind these are already part of all these changes, but I should have mentioned them.

    We will definitely do these as well. Security obviously is always a concern for us. For performance, we actually have some infrastructure improvement incoming but it needs development support, so it's part of "settling down." As for bugfixes, we are getting as much info from past as possible and I'd like to have bugfixes with each patch, even if they are small ones. Obviously I can't make a promise for this currently, but that's something we actively talked about.

    urworstnightmare, I wrote a song for you. It's called Dear Urworstnightmare. Here are the lyrics:

    "Dear Urworstnightmare,

    This song's for you to hear.

    You are quite negative

    And I understand why, really

    But I'll tell you something

    And I hope you'll listen to me

    You say that the game is dead

    And numbers show that

    You say this is a business

    And that's only what we focus.

    Dear Urworstnightmare,

    These arguments aren't rare

    They aren't wrong completely

    But not exactly right

    S4's indeed a business

    And just because of this

    I like to focus on one thing

    The center of S4 League, you, the players

    Numbers are important, that's totally true

    But S4DB shows nothing, I hate to break it to you

    KPI means Key Performance Indicator

    Not drawing conclusions with a single one is the golden rule

    CCU is a good indicator but it's not everything, believe me

    In fact, even our CCU has improved in the last year slightly

    Setting up development is a huge undertaking

    It also means a lot of spending

    RoI means return of investment

    And company wouldn't take development

    Unless they thought there would be improvement

    Dear Urworstnightmare, I won't lie to you

    S4 League is 10 years old and it's true

    A day may come when S4 comes crashing down

    But it is not this day!

    This will be a tough, to be honest,

    There is so much to do.

    But I'm excited and so are others

    I hope you will be here meanwhile

    And eventually you too, will help us get through"

    This is one of the main things we have been looking into. We have some infrastructure changes to help a lot of things and I believe also this topic. But needs further investigation.

    As for account loss, we will definitely consider a nice registration pack.

    Unfortunately, nothing can happen too soon.


    I mentioned this in previous pm letters, talked about it in discord and various topics.

    Here is a complete forum response.

    Opening to Latam is something we want to do, but it won't happen super soon. There is no one reason for this, it's a complex situation.

    There are legal reasons: don't expect issues here but still, we can't just announce different regions on our own

    There are technical reasons: we have lag and otherwise issues and the fixes are WIP

    There are operational reasons: we need to decide if and how we support, check translations (because we aren't the exact same version) and there are background tasks (simple example, setting up a webpage)

    So this isn't a matter of turning on a switch.

    Biggest blocker was technical reasons initially, but then the circumstances changed (you'll read about it today) and everything became a bit more complicated.

    So again: We wanna do it. We will very likely do it. We'd like to do it sooner than later. But don't expect an announcement next month or so, because we need to sort things out.

    There are some more things I'd like to add later, but I need to hear some results of our investigations to avoid misinformation.


    I did play different versions of the game though :P (mostly in person, in PC, Mafia from Starcraft 2 Arcade)
    The next person likes dogs more than cats.

    I worked on

    this on my flight from the airport in

    Seoul. Then I gave it

    another go and

    did finalize recently.

    And I hope you like it.

    Thanks for reading,


    I'm really unsure about how "serious" this will get, at least in the current way. Also depends on how the gaming companies will react.

    I hope that both sides take responsible actions for current and future subjects, also including "education" about these matters for both young users and their families. In fact, I hope the hidden sides are part of conversations such as phone and mobile companies.

    Official response as PM: While currently this does not affect us; in the case that it does in future, we will of course make changes to comply with the laws.

    Personal Opinion as a gamer: Not a fan of the way these changes are made. Something becomes a hot topic and governments decide to make changes to just an isolated part of the system they don't really understand. It's not about defending the lootboxes. Just the way it's done. Similarly, you may like or dislike Facebook, but the senators asking Zuckerberg question that don't even make any sense just shows you how behind the governments are. Accusations on video games leading to violence is another example.

    Still, I do think there should be things to be legislated and changed. And certain implementations of RNG based loot are definitely part of these. I'm a bit surprised about Overwatch though. They do have a large pool of a lot of "useless" items, but nothing gives you "advantage", and even the duplicates are rewarded with coins with which to buy any item you want. That's one of the most user-friendly systems I've seen in a game to be honest. Then again, Zuckerberg trial. ^^

    To emphasize: These are just my personal opinions.

    I leave moderation to CM/GM but please no talk about private servers.

    I'm mainly here to appreciate the pun.

    Also, we'll have some news in May. You MAY like it.

    Get it? Because it's in may and... okay nvm

    It's been confidential due to various reasons and for a while actually.

    When it was pretty much confirmed to happen (very recently) it was shared with the GM team.

    You guys will hear about it in a couple weeks or so : )

    It's not a magic wand that will fix everything in a week, but it's something exciting, I promise : )

    Hey people, a few topics.

    The hack situation in Korea is indeed different altogether due to having a single account and as far as I know, that account being associated by your official ID.

    As for LATAM, it's the combination of legal matters (we can't just publish wherever we want, it takes an agreement between companies), technical issues (lags and some background stuff that we have) and logistics (do we support, do we localize, how many players do we get, are our servers ready etc etc)

    So it's really not one reason.

    As for more frequent PM letter, its not likely. But I'm working on being more efficient ;D

    Last but not least, I think <CONFIDENTIAL> is very exciting. I can't wait to talk more about it^^ More things will make sense then.


    It'll be hard for us idiots to understand everything here ;P
    I have a question.

    What kind of event would you say would make sense?

    In the past we had events where you could get rewards for several games per day (with those token events), so we actually reduced them to fewer coins per day (or more per game), so that you get your items in a few games that you'd probably play anyway.

    But what would be an event where you aren't farming and would be fun? I'd love to hear some ideas. Don't worry too much about implementation difficulty, just drop some ideas.