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    It's pretty obvious that they're trying to find the "right" phrases and formulations to somehow satisfy the players enough so that they don't give up on the game yet. If they would just write down the truth, the letter would have been released pretty quickly. And if you're now asking what the truth is that I'm talking about: The sad truth is that they don't believe in this game enough to make big investments into it. Such investments would require huge amounts of money to be invested into a dedicated, big developer team and as you can see they're not willing to take that risk and basically gave up on the game.

    I'd argue taking over code and hiring developers is as big an investment a 10 year old game gets from a publisher company : )

    And of course I have to watch what I say and how I say it, because what I say will be interpreted differently by different people. I already talked a bit too soon on patch and caused disappointment in August.

    Here is the truth for you! We wanted to start doing video PM Letters and did a recording last Thursday (or Wednesday? Not sure.)

    In previous communications we either had very clear questions and answers or the community to interact with. Without it, even though I know what I was going to talk about, I rambled too much. So I think I'll make a new recording today or tomorrow so we can edit and release as soon as possible.

    Sorry for the delay. But this time there is even like a fancy green-screen background and stuff!

    Hope we can have a post in the forum for ppl who like read instead of watch.

    Also, i wonder if u can answer, here or in the pm letter, what do you think about 10 years anniversary event.

    For the previous Q&A's we had already the texts since we knew the questions ahead of time. This time I guess we can create one after the video : )

    Hello. We were supposed to have a PM Letter last month. I prepared it, it was to be translated and posted... then things happened that made it pretty much irrelevant (the day of patch basically.)

    We are figuring a few things out and as such, next or the following week you will have the PM letter or more likely, a Twitch session. The date depends on how soon we have answers to a few questions.

    Apologies for the silence.

    So Karasakal is against a "no stats option" in different modes and here we get an event with a limited mode + no stats option…

    No more community segregation but doing it themselfes… Genius?

    I'm not really against a "no stats option". I just don't think making it an option for every mode is a solution to the game's certain problems. There is really no conflict here. A limited time event doesn't really create segregation.

    This is gonna be a bit technical for some but since you seem interested:

    I can confirm that we are not developing with a waterfall methodology.

    We are agile, we aren't strictly scrum or strictly anything to be honest.

    Right now, we've had minor and major blockers and team has also been forming up. Also, we are discovering how to do *anything* for the first time. For this reason, we are still finding our best practices.

    To be honest, it'd be impossible or very inefficient to go with scrum at the start without knowing the effort and time required for *anything*.

    However, once we feel more comfortable, scrum is indeed my ultimate goal. This is something we discussed with our lead developer early on and agreed on both sides.

    So the next patch has been delayed? :c

    Well, we didn't have a set date but yes. More on this on this month's PM Letter.

    So people that have less fun in the game because of the stats should just leave right? o.o

    Oh so you did not consider us all at community in the first place. Sword only, Guns only, Unlimited, all different maps and modes, S5, weaponrestrictions (+s4db) is a segregated community overall. It is kinda easy. Whoever doesn’t want to play in such room doesn’t join it and end of the story. Don’t come here with „take some fun out of the game“ while people have clearly more fun in such rooms then in „normal“ rooms.

    Obviously not every single person in the community likes/dislikes the same things. I didn't imply anything in that regard either. And community segregation is something I'm well aware and is exactly why it's something I'd like to avoid further (if/when possible.)

    Because segregation is not a toggle. It's not something that either exists or not. Every community has segregation. The question is how deep, how complex, how strict it is. We already have a major TD/ST2 and MO bias which makes it hard for others to find rooms. Adding another layer on top of it?

    It's definitely something we need to consider seriously.

    If you want to make it fair how about you just send everyone every item in fp stats + max enchants + unique skills + full lvl 5 esper chips 10 times perm?...

    I mean you can't give us the option for a no-stats room whyever. So everyone can have the fun you are talking about. Would make the most people happy right?

    This doesn't make things fair though, does it? FP Set X is same as FP Set Y, how does getting each and every set 10 times make it more fair?

    Plus, you'd be taking out the fun of progress and reward. That's also an important part of the fun, especially for some players.

    But one potential (and personally, my favorite) solution I mentioned is already in the same direction: Making items more accessible, meaning you can get FPs easier, enchant easier etc.

    For example we could change the pace leveling, what you get at each level, FP sets or unique boosters you get, add PEN-purchasable boxes in game or in events that can reward FP items, enchant items etc We could improve the crafting system, change the enchant "fail" ratios... I don't know at this point if this is the path we'll take but I think it's one that will make the game progression better.

    The best option would be to remove all "normal" weapon stats, introduce the option to play PEN or AP mode (so basically if you are naked you still will have the same stats) and the only stats that stay are the enchants. So it will still kinda be p2w but not AS bad. Also there are still EsperChip stats, EsperChip skills, etc.

    This is an interesting idea. I don't know how technically possible the "PEN or AP mode" is but instead of just "no stat" option, maybe we could try an option in game for none/pen/ap/fp ?

    We could test this on a mod to see how it feels.

    Good points. However, I believe as you also realize, the situation is complex.

    The way I see it, the game is a machine of connecting gears. It was designed to have all the connections. Now there is flexibility in the system, we can change some gears and even a few connected to each other, but we can't tear big parts up or it will stop working.

    That's why I don't think we should just remove stats: It would take some fun out of the game.

    If we make no-stats a perma option: Same problem, plus community segregation.

    Moving to cosmetics only is a nice wish but how can we do it? We can only change so much about the game.

    My solution is accessibility: We want to make FP more accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, putting out patches has been delayed way longer than we imagined and there is nothing to show at the moment.

    I'm quite swamped at the moment and it's hard to find time, but maybe later on we can make some more twitch sessions where we pick a topic and just talk with you guys about ideas.

    One thing I can promise you: Our vision for the game is to develop this game for the community, as the community wants. That doesn't necessarily mean we do whatever we see on forums of course, but we genuinely see this community, the team and the game as a family of sorts and we want to empower it.

    I hope this time next year we'll be talking very different and positive things : )


    Here to drop a couple cents and address some points as a few people also asked me on Discord today.

    First, I watched the video yesterday and really liked hearing the maker's perspective. I thought he wasn't aware of a lot of things, but that's more than understandable, especially considering we haven't delivered any results yet.

    Before I go on, let me say that there will be a PM Letter coming this month, talking about various subjects.

    Now, a few points.

    1) The words on the hat are not my words, it was a joke in the community and I thought it'd be cool to follow suit. Not that we don't want to make S4 League great again, but just to let people know it wasn't me just putting on a hat looking cool. It's an inside joke of the community!

    2) I don't think we are SO p2win. Obviously it can help you and if you are facing a person of similar skill, you will have the upper hand if you have better equipment but in the end skill matters. It's not my words by the way, this is the result from our community survey when we asked "What do you think about item power vs skill?"

    As you can see, the smallest fraction is item>skill directly. Not to dismiss the importance of items and that you can buy things, but for this we've also been changing things.

    Recently we made a lot of things more accessible and as development actually kicks in, we will have more opportunities to address the issue. It could be allowing no-stats in more places, it could be making enchants more accessible, it could be something else entirely... We don't know yet.

    3) Already stated but the website wasn't hacked at all. They were just humorous placeholders. It just shows our tech people's humor really!

    4) He is right that we are responsible of the game. Not in the sense that the current team made all the changes, but as I always say, I never mean to give you excuses or putting the blame on something else to absolve ourselves from responsibility.

    At any time, we are responsible of providing you a good service and currently, we are far from it.

    However, I can promise you we are working hard. I will tell more in the PM Letter. We have something coming soon.

    Anyway, it was really nice to watch the video and I think the maker has a lot of valid points. I hope we'll make changes soon enough that returning eSpers and existing people alike will feel the differences.

    I already wrote a lot but I'm keeping the rest for the PM letter.

    Sad there isn't any point added for Latino players. I'm not sure if previous information you told them was enough to satisfy them.
    My point is to not forget they are waiting for long now to getting back into the S4 League community.

    Hi, these are the 3rd batch of questions we got from community. For LATAM players we had the question in the first Q&A on Facebook.

    In fact, we did have extra updates on both 2nd and yesterday's Q&A's as well : )

    I'm not pretending to be rude but... Japanese players are waiting for more time, also Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesian, Philippines, Koreans, so latins are the last who lost their version but no1 cares about the rest of the world and that's so sad.

    Just want to note we do care about the rest of the world, but we have to establish a base for our existing base before we can consider other regions as they come with various challenges, technical, legal and otherwise.

    But actually if you are not paying and enjoying a free service you don't have the right, you can maybe suggest, but right?

    Everyone has the right to complain, right to the service and right to ask for a quality service. I come from a community management background and I'm a gamer myself. For me community is community, it's not "whales" and "free players" or anything like that.

    Idk but I feel a bit elated about what's coming up? I'm optimistic. But guys pls be as good as your word this time.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the game having an improvement regarding Security issues , Lag issues , Game layout and bringing back the events asap.
    Thanks for your efforts anyway.

    You're welcome! I definitely I understand and as I mentioned in the stream: I'm trying to be transparent, not giving excuses. You have every right to ask for good service and react when you don't find it.

    I did say from the very start that things might have taken time, but our first estimation about the literal start of patches was apparently too optimistic.

    I'm hoping to have some good news soon and we'll try to keep you updated.

    Well I'm right now at 56min at the stream and yes shut down Station-2 for a month! Approved!

    Edit: Well just a reminder (Maybe I missed it in the 2 Q&As) but you wanted to write or made a vote about the votekick in the next PM letter^^

    Votekick is complicated. We haven't discussed it decisively yet, good arguments on both sides. I feel like best is to keep it with some restraints (ie you can do it a certain amount of times in an interval) but that also requires development time of course.

    Well i'm not looking for words, only actions matters. Once what you say will concur with what you do then I'll trust you.

    +when I heard you I felt like everything was hard to do. Ikr s4 code is trash but saying that UI isn't easy to change tilted me a bit. If UI isn't easy then how will it be for the rest.

    At least unlike before you are communicating and it's still better than nothing.

    About the UI, I was talking relatively. It looked like it isn't as simple as we thought. And overall it's more complex to handle as it requires active coordination between developer, UI artist and QA during the development (unlike a game feature for example, which the developer can be developed by itself, then moved to testing, and then back and forth.)
    Of course we are able to coordinate within the team, but it will take time and we feel that UI isn't the direst of our issues.

    A few additions from me:

    *I'll be in Gamescom Gamigo party and hopefully will be available on that day before the party as well.

    *We've had a lot of one-time issues but we've been tackling them one after the other.

    *Next session will be some time 2 weeks later (6-10.08)

    Thanks again everyone for joining!

    Let me make it easier for all. Here is the list of questions that we'll answer next time (the minimum, maybe we'll add another category or take more questions from community etc, no promises)

    Forget support for language LA, do not waste time and resources with this, focus on the block ip as soon as possible this is enough. I'm waiting anxiously to play here from Brazil.

    I had an idea of what you can do to advertise the game here in Brazil after removing the block ip, you could make a deal with some streamers, which is the biggest current trade in brazil many brazilian streamers have a big fan base and that attracts enough players for the games they play, you could get in touch with these streamers and the name of some of the most famous Brazilians in the streaming platform is (Alanzoka, YoDa, SkipNhO and many others) games in releases usually comes in contact with these streamers when released so the game grows in Brazil absurdly, you can search on hope you can think about ...

    Will definitely consider influencers.

    By the way, we already have some language files. Versions don't match but I think we will be able to provide language support regardless.

    Hey, to be clear, it's not balance necessarily. We named the category "Game", it includes questions about stuff already in game. Does have a balance question (but surprisingly there weren't many balance related questions)

    Hey guys!
    Even if yesterday was one-sided conversation mostly, it was really nice to be talk rather than just write.

    A few points from me.

    1) Mirroring: Yup. Go ahead, do the jokes, I'm laughing as well! :D So apparently facebook live thingie mirrors us. We actually checked the video before to make sure it looked okay, but live caught us by surprise. Anyhow, in the end we said things out loud, but we'll keep an eye out for future. As I mentioned, we did something like this the first time.

    We should've prepared a bit more overall, but we're also running tight schedules, so it's not always possible to prepare comfortably (we really wanted to dress up :D). Anyway, noted!

    2) Important questions: As I mentioned in the stream, this is only the first session. We will have questions about balance, new features, old maps etc all that stuff!

    And if anything isn't covered there, we can definitely do more.

    First thing we talked about after shutting off the stream was to make it more interactive. So maybe after the questions we already gathered, we can just do one session where we take questions purely from the audience : )

    I'm getting overall positive vibes, I'm really glad we did it. Looking forward to more interaction!

    All the feedback duly noted guys.

    I believe Facebook turns it into a video which we will also upload to youtube (which will later see some love by the way, not soon though) and we will also publish answers in all languages in the forums.

    To be honest, the most important part for us in this one is that you see a person. So if somehow doesn't work out for the purposes of Q&A, we really don't mind switching to pure text or whatever.

    By the way, Q&A was actually bad naming, we didn't think much about it. What else can we call it?

    You'll see posts everywhere, don't worry.

    The reason for Facebook is because we can reach the most amount of people there. Facebook should send notifs, we'll also ask people to share (with a nice giveaway and random rewards.)

    Let me be clearer:

    The video will be live and we will answer questions that you've already asked through the thread on the forums with the form.

    We have a long list that will take several sessions to go through, this is #1.

    On top of all the questions asked through the forums, we may also answer a few via live.

    If you are able to add a live video function to forums, I'll be happy to do it here ;D

    And again, we are trying things out! We thought it'd be fun to have a bit of interaction plus actually seeing a face rather than text and a profile picture (even if it's a classic, timeless work of art like mine.)

    Hey guys, Q&A will be on Friday! \o/

    It will be live on Facebook at 4.30 PM! We will mostly answer the questions you already sent but may get a couple during the Q&A as well.

    Now, we are trying something like this for the first time, so depending on how well it goes, we will improve/change the way we do it.

    Oh Boy! Can't wait to see GMs online that are actually closing farm rooms while a "Play this for that amount of time Event" is running where in the rules stand that "No cheating, no farming, no rule Breaking!" isn't allowed.

    Feel free to suggest different events!

    Even if Aeria took over the development of the game. The expectation getting a ingame event for summer would be low, but even so Is there one coming or not?

    Hi, the initial plan was actually have a summer event. Unfortunately, it won't happen.

    Next week in the first Q&A session I'll make a short summary about what's going on (I have good news, don't worry. Just things taking time as expected, but more than expected ;D)


    The shop stuff is decided by me and recently, <waitforQAnextweek>.

    Also, we actually started these due to feedback from players. I personally was convinced that time limited items weren't interesting at all (which I definitely understand), but some people are.

    Appreciate the feedback though. Just wanted to add this info so you know it's not that we are detached from community and it was indeed feedback from players.

    Hey guys, unfortunately we couldn't manage it this week.

    But let me confirm that the first Q&A will be done next week!

    Keep an eye out for announcements!

    Very disappointing to see our pirate is drinking water. Bringing shame to all pirates. sol3

    So, first, I LOVE water. I think it's kind of a habit from childhood, we had great free water from public fountains and taps?, so we would run around, get thirsty and then gorge ourselves in the sweet, cold water. Or not, I don't know.

    However, in the picture I'm having Sprite. Sooo yeah.

    HOWEVER, it wasn't the only thing I drank, I assure you ;D