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    Very nice event. Some people are very creative and can make some good looking things. Would be nice if this event could come more often.

    PS: Could you guys start the same event but for weapons or creating a new weapon, with all the attacks described etc etc.. I have some ideas for new weapons.

    Wouldn't it actually better to direct message a Game Master, or a Community Manager? I mean with this thread you are showing bugs to the community which eventually could be abused ingame.

    I'll let this pass because it's a good question. I'll ask [GM]Heiliger about this.

    FROM NOW ON ONLY POST BUGS HERE. (for everyone)

    EDIT: By creating this I also make sure that GM/CM don't get bothered for allready fixed bugs. Imagine being a CM and getting pm'd by 70 people who reports the same bug. it gets annoying. I'll ask heiliger anyway.

    Welcome to ingame bug list

    Hello, I wanted to create a nice bug report thread to help the new S4 dev team. To do so I'll instore some RULES that will help to make this thread work nice and smooth. I decided to instore rules to make everything more visible and easier for the devs to find said bug and fix it.


    1. NO DISCUSSIONS!!!! Use this thread only to report bugs that aren't listed yet.
    2. If you know a bug that isn't listed yet and want to add it just post it down bellow. (SEE EXAMPLE)
    3. When you have posted a bug on this thread, I will add it to the list and notify you that I did.
    4. If you have seen a supposed (FIXED) bug ingame post down bellow that you have seen it.
    5. Allways give a date of when you have seen said bug. If you can't give the exact date it's not a problem. Month + year is required.
    6. Only non fixed bugs will be added to the (FIXED) list. Let's say you know a bug that was fixed in 2014, don't share it here. Only non fixed bugs will be added.
    8. Screenshots are allowed IF we can actually understand what is happening. Videos are better.
      • Good screenshots: A screenshot where we see that someone has no weapons. With a bug like that we can actually see someone with no weapon.
      • Bad screenshot: A screenshot where you say that you froze when someone joined the room. Nothing is moving in a screenshot so please don't be that 20IQ guy.
    9. CHECK out the list before posting a bug!


    If you wish to add a bug to the list these are the requirements:

    1. Give it a name! Something that fits please. Example: When someone enters the room I freez. "Entry freez" is a good name.
    2. Give a description of the bug. If you know why it happends it would be appreciated that you share the information.
      • What it does.
      • Why does it happen.
      • Possible fix. If you have an idea that could work.(for devs) See "NOT FIXED - Group A - CHANNEL JOINING BUG"
      • Ingame fix. If you know a solution to fix the bug in game. See "NOT FIXED - Group A - NO WEAPON BUG"
    3. If you can add a video and show the bug in action it would be much appreciated.
    4. You can help by adding a video of a bug listed that has none. Simply post it down bellow.
      Example : ( "category name" - "Group name" - "name" + link) | Not fixed - Group A - Moon bug + link (youtube)

    (FIXED): the bug has been fixed.

    (NOT FIXED): the bug is still in game.

    (UNKOWN STATUS): A supposed (FIXED) bug has been seen in game. Proof is needed to add it to the (NOT FIXED) list.

    I will separate bugs in groups. Each group will have 10 bugs in it. This will make it easier to find bugs later.

    This list has been created 27-05-2018 and will so on only list known bugs after this date.

    EDIT: I know that you can report bugs via ticket but having a list like this helps with visiblity and it's way easier to have something like this for devs and community. The community can come here and look for unkown bugs that they know and add it here. Devs can come when they want and take a look at the list and work on said bugs.

    Leave a like if you like this. Don't post "nice list" or "nice idea" or anything not related to bug reports.


    That was i wanted to point out, even on the forum i feel like people argue more about the swords. They have to understand unlimited is clearly the main thing aeria has to take care of

    Weapon problems are the same. Sword or Unlimited. I really don't see what's the point of this. They're clearly asking what you would want to change here guns and all. You're using your guns 90% of the time and swords aren't that important as in OS. What does it change if your plasma sword loses 5 damage if you're only using it to stun / dash or if the breaker does less damage. I mean it's just for melee you guys are shooting people. I really don't see how we are getting a special treatment.

    People are leaving the game because they have grown out of it. People change, they'd like to change games/ genre. People have lives. People grow tired and get bored of s4. That's why people leave and that's why unlimited is dying. Unlimited/gun is a dying gamemode as is DM. Soon there will only be TD mode. The only thing we can do here is trying to get new people to play the game. That's why they need us for the balancing so stop whining about something stupid and stay on topic.

    From most used to less used:

    1. Dagger: simply the most used weapon in game.
      • High speed, very high damage, low cooldown.
    2. CounterSword: Up there with the dagger maybe even above it I wasn't sure.

      • Prevents a lot of damage. Fast and long range to travel / dodge (left click). High range on push and several other things you can do only with the CounterSword.
    3. PlasmaSword: This weapon has a whole community around it since 2009. A fan favorite.

      • Stuns(very useful in TD). Dash to kill (high damage crits) or to score in TD. Loved by a only ps community in DM.
    4. Breaker: Very powerful weapon. A weapon of choice to strike fast and hard. Very used in competitive DM and decently used in TD.

      • Low cooldowns. High range. High damage. Fast attacks.
    5. StormBat: Used by a lot of DM players and some TD players thanks to its push that make people fly to the moon.

      • Easy to use. High damage (crit). One hit jump attack crit (with pity. only in TD). Decent range.
    6. Exo Scythe: One of the most used weapons in DM along with breaker. It's a no brainer in competitive mode thanks to its fast attacks.

      • High damage. Safe if well used. Very polyvalent (can cancel, use it to get on high terrain etc..).
    7. Iron Boots: Very strong weapon. used both in DM and in TD for its mobility/ high damage and simplicity.

      • High damage (can 2 hit kill). High moblity(as fast as the dagger and faster with the speed boost). Simple to use.
    8. Metallic fists: Much more of a DM weapon. Very used In competitive DM thanks to its high damage/ simplicity.

      • Easy to hit with the left click. Right click very powerful can counter pretty much anything. simple and fast.
    9. Twin Blades: Also more of a DM weapon. Not so popular even though these are very strong.

      • High range/ damage. Decent low cooldowns. Popular amongst new players thanks to its simplicity.
    10. Katana: Pretty much only used in DM (not so much seen) a strong weapon but not very simple to use. It's easy to die with this.

      • Very high range. High damage. It's a katana.
    11. Sigma Blade: Very very very Rare and unused. Very good weapon but most useless weapon against the CounterSword. That's why no one uses it.
      • Pros: Very high damage. Decent range.
      • Cons: Is useless against CS, a weapon used by pretty much everyone. Sp consumption high.
    12. Vital Shock: Unused weapon. Needs a buff.

      • Very low damage. High risk, low reward. High cooldown on the right click (if you fail you die. It's very easy to fail.). Gets totally countered by CS.

    Hey! I wanted to give my feedback on MELEE weapons as a DM player with 5+ years of experience.

    Melee weapons that are ok/ maybe need something changed:

    • Storm Bat: Everything is fine damage shouldn't be touched if touched only decrease damage don't increase. (maybe see if you can do something for the broken hitbox. The bat can touch everyone in a 330° radius)
    • Dagger : There is nothing to change here, everyone knows how to play against this and with it. Don't touch this.
    • Plasma Sword : Nothing needs to be changed here. Maybe the broken hitbox (see on video) but I wouldn't recommend touching this.
    • Metalic Fists : Only thing that should maybe be changed is the damage value of the left click. It hits far too easly and does 30~ damage per hit it's too much but ok. This one can pass.
    • Exo Scythe : This weapon is perfect. Nothing needs to be changed. Damage is very nice, not too high not too low. If you increase the damage on any attacks it will become overpowered in my opinion. It's perfect how it is.
    • Sigma Blade: A very powerful weapon but with everyone playing with the CounterSword It's pretty much impossible to play it. Be careful here if adding something to go through the CounterSword's block. It does very high damage and it's not easy to dodge. Be careful right here. Make it so when the sigma is in awakened form it can't be stunned by CS block but can't deal damage when hitting a CS block.
    • CounterSword: This weapon has been nerfed in the past years due to its high damage (literally 2 hitting people). It's perfect where it is, this weapon shouldn't be touched.

    Melee weapons that are in need of a buff/nerf:

    • Breaker: As a break user this weapon is fine. However its left click (push) is WAAAAY too powerful and easy to use. It needs a cooldown of 0.5 seconds
      (SEE VIDEO). Damage should be decreased so people can't 2 hit or 3 hit kill anymore. I've taken a left click breaker that did 100hp damage (crit, def piercing).
      This can be fixed by a 0.5s cooldown and a damage decrease.
    • Katana : I feel like the katana is too powerful. It does a lot of damage (left click) without you being able to do anything while being hit. When your opponent hits you with the left click he can choose to do all 4 hits without you being able to dodge in mid combo. This results in a possibility of 8 free hits(jump attack + normal attack) without you being able to dodge while the hits are going on. The damage of these hits is too high. Let's not forget the print screen bug (SEE VIDEO)
    • Iron Boots: This weapon has the same damage as the old CounterSword and it's ridiculous (SEE VIDEO). For TD mode the mobility of the boots are too strong.
    • Twin Blades: This one is broken (see video). Damage is ok on left click. Damage should be decreased on the charge attack it's way too easy to connect such a hit for that damage.
    • Vital Shock: This weapon needs a buff on pretty much everything.
      1. Increase the left click and jump attack damage and range. Double it. Having decent range (less than fist more than dagger) and decent damage should be allright. (Daggers left click damage)
      2. Delete the slow effect on the Holding left click attack and make it go through the CounterSword block and add a stagger effect of 0.5 sec. When someone get hit by this (actual vital shock) he doesn't get attracted as he should be. Adding a stagger effect on the attack will make this work as intended. Maybe buff the damage too. Not too much.
      3. Right click is fine. Maybe increase the range of the second part of the attack. The ennemy has to be in pixel range to be hit by it, this makes it too hard to catch someone. DON'T INCREASE DAMAGE. It's nearly a 3 second stun because you can't get out of it. Your teammates can come and add damage with their attacks while the ennemy is being hit by your VitalShock.