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    The all mighty p2w topic. We are not gonna remove those stats. People paid for it and we also offer a lot of options to get some free stuff (also in FP).
    Only thing where we can argue about are the enchantments to be fair. But we didn't forget that and have already some plans.

    At least something that is being worked on... I guess all of you CMs and GMs are not allowed to tell us on what other problems the team is working on. That ist still very frustrating and disappointing.

    Then I have to try again in the allmighty game of rng to get my first FP Weapon I want to use without spending a single dime. Dunno how much PEN I've poured into it so far and all I've got is an antique sharp shooter I don't use (yay OS player), and run around with the clothes I have since Anno 2014 or so, because I need the pen to get the weapons and have to depend on rng to get the clothes I like permanently. If I would play more I could probably have some more, though all the bugs and issues and p2w let's me only look into the game for so long after long periods of pausing.

    Oh gosh. After reading this again it only looks like I'm whining and complaining how unfair the mean and bad world ist. But yeah, those are my feelings for the game.

    Love, Tasja

    Tbh I'm already happy with the development we had during the last two weeks.

    What happened in those two weeks? A patch that would have been a funny 1. aprils joke if the game works fine. A new bug that happens all the time and some Events. That is what I got from those two weeks. And after watching the discord and the Forums, nothing about what is currently worked on. Oh yeah, I saw a post, that they work on the HP bug. But I also found a post from last yeat may, that they are working on the bug that freezes your game when leaving a room you played in. That is why I have so much distrust in anything the staff tries to communicate with us. It is sparingly and vage at most and often doesn't have a follow up. This saddens and angers me and I guess many more.

    Love, Tasja

    First of all: It is always nice to see constructive critizism.

    Then yeah, those would be good steps to overall better the experience for all that are longing for this. We could get a bigger ans strifing community, which would mean even more revenue for the developer. But here is the catch: Pay2Win

    For a healthy Game, this needs to disappear, but no one will pull the trigger there. And even if, the most diehard fans, that are mostly still there have poured many moneyz into their account and this would get worthless.

    How are we supposed to get new players into the game, when they go against mostly Full FP players enchanted to oblivion and back? I had several people from family and friends alike that said: Wow, that game looks fun, too bad it is P2W.

    Bettering the experience is always good. Getting rid of bugs, improving the communication between the team and the community, getting the word ouf of this could be awesome game with a totaly passionate community and fun events in the future. Yeah, I'm all for it. Your quality of life changes you mentioned, even if they are small, also would improve the experience. But where do they start working? It has been a year now since the announcement of "hey give us all the feedback, it will take some time, because the game code is mumbo jumbo, but we are listening". So far for now... nothing to show except new clothes and hey, a new bug!

    I'm patient, I'm coming back to this game again and again. I am passionate about this game, I want it to succeed, I want to play it, I want to recommend it and I finaly have a purse full of money for things I like. But please, is there any transparency? What is being worked on excactly? Where are the problems? Why does it take so long to change anything? There does not need to be an estimated time for changes. It would be enough to know where the team is working on and what the struggles and problems are.

    Thank you for listening.

    That just means you aren't using it at the right time. A Bat JA should be used to finish someone off, (If you're using it on the ball carrier especially). In other cases it'd be better to smack them away with the Swing to deny them space. The thing you're talking about though can be done with any attack that inflicts staggers, and it's a mechanic in the game. You're wanting to use a JA that breaks revenge, and denies players space without giving them that advantage? Why not use Breaker or PS JA, (or some kind of Gun)?

    Change it up a bit. And I would like for the bat to change a bit. I love to swing people away or smash their heads in and you got me a new Idea. Yeah, the bat JA should be used to finish off enemys. That's why I want it to be harder to land a hit with (like explained in my first post) and why it should not be countered by smashing the space bar (yeah, pushing it once at the right time does the trick, but some surely just smash (random bracket to seperate two words, who would otherwise be censored) it repeatedly). So why not making the bat stagger an exception? Or make the swing after the hit faster. But you are right, then it would be too good. That's were the new idea comes in: The less hp someone has left, the more dmg the bat does. But against someone with a lot of hp left, it isn't really leathal. So the bat would really be a weapon to either finish off your opponent, or smack him away. So if you hit someone with the difficult to land JA who has a lot of hp, you at least are rewarded with a free smack away, so it isn't obsolete.

    Have a nice day,


    You do know that there's 2 different type of dodge feints right? Next time you get Bat Jumped, press space then dodge. It literally costs no more SP than a normal dodge, and so you can do it several times. I could show you proof in game some time if you're interested.

    Isn't that what is called speed counter? Recovering from the stagger and then being able to normaly do things again e.g. dodge like you said or attack? That is the reason why it sometimes is a complete failure to attack the carrier in front of the goal with the bat jump attack. Of course this makes any changes I proclaimed obsolete. That's why I said, it had to be removed for the stagger from the bat jump attack.

    Hello, I'm the one playing with the ingame Nick Tasja since creating the account... I think 2009. I don't hink anyone here knows me because I have only shortly migrated from the german server to the english one and as my post count views a single digit... and I'm an OS wannabe.

    My OS life:

    First I have been a solo player killing and being killed in DM with guns and the lovely detect skill. I hated those pesky wallshooters who weren't man enough to go into the open and fight like real idiots not caring for their virtual life. Then an italian dude I had really fun to duel with introduced me to a multi cultural clan called Fraternity. I stayed there for a long time, having really fun untill some not so nice things happened inside the clan and I split from it.

    After some time soloing around and getting more fancy with the Touchdown mode and even spied into the OS mode I joined the Clan Rest in Pieces and tried to manage trainig for DM and Swords in particular. It didn't last long because the clan somehow exploded and everyone went seperate ways.

    Some time has gone by and after long years of playing S4 regularly I just lost interest.

    But I came back stronger than ever, at least in OS because I got only angry in modes with guns. The reason is something no one may speak about, not a single soul should even think of it and if you dare to speak out lout,... you got shunned as a PEN crybaby who doesn't have money and lifes off of mommas purse who doesn't allow you to spent even a single paysafe card (yeah, long ago) to fuel this hatred filled, mass murder producing deamon of a game. Seriously, it was nearly like that. If you've dedicated so much time to training this game and once were near the top with your clan and then get demolished by guys who only hit 5% of their shots because of stats... Oh my sin again, as a non buy to win believer, I can't stop preaching the way of PEN. You see, I can get annoying with that, but it hit me hard back in the day, really really hard. I loved the game and said "This is the game I want to be at the top of the skill ladder at some point" and did it with my first clan, even if I wasn't one of those major players who everyone recognized, I was a part of them and now am not anymore, because I have to pay for it. If I'm unlucky even over 100 shiny Euros.

    Aaaaaanyways. After that I stopped caring that much and tried to find a new place. I was drifting around modes and weapons and found my saviour in OS. Why should I care, that some can one hit me, if I have a playstile where they either don't see me coming or can't hit me first? That's how I went from a full diving, gun blazing, I kill you faster than you can kill me playstyle, to a observative, supporting playstyle, trying to control the outer part of the events. Backdooring, destracting and just be plain annoying for the enemy. It worked better, but I found my true love in OS. I can do all that and still win a 1on1 sometimes. I fully dived into the OS community and played in big rooms with many crazy but friendly people.

    Then I quit again...

    This time it wasn't just losing interest, it was something personal and I needed space.

    A year later I found my way back, not being bugged by the previous problem and overall my playstyle stayed the same, but got more lax. I stayed more in the background and was an onlooker because the game got paced even faster. Many were just rushing in and wanted to just go faster without regards to what would happen if they fail. So I stood back, because even if the enemy did the same and both failed the same, if I was there to pick up the pieces and let the others rush in with less worries, they'd succeed more often. And I even got some new aquaintances of which one led me to a clan called Against All Odds.

    There I even found and old "thing in the front of your head, containing the eyes, nose, mouth and more" (why is the word "f a c e", only that word being morphed into an emoji?) again leading the clan. All in all it was fun and I know one of my finest, long and still lasting online friendships. I even got more engaged with the game again, the ideas of having battles with others like in the old days with my first clan. I tried to help and do things for the clan, even organising a clan meetup in real life....

    After that it got worse and worse. Some of the dudes who showed up never payed me the money back I put up in advance for renting the place and the food and beverages we got. (the meetup was a blast, though) Some just went away without a word. Some started to hate on each other and hanged out with well known douches. Because of less engagement of most people and the leader caring less and less, some of those douches made it into the clan, forming a group within it hurting the reputation that wasn't that good to begin with. The Leader didn't want to do anything against it, the helpers felt helpless as they watched on and tried to be reasonable and the ominous group split from the clan and started a whole lot of hurtful rumors.

    We should have stood up to it, get ourselfes together and start anew, but the final nail in the coffin was the co leaders stopping to fight and the best friend of the leader getting tossed to the side by the leader. I have cared for that group, I really did. I fought even after that, I knew the leader personaly and tried to reason with her, but alas, it was a useless effort. I hate to give up, I hate to forsaken something I really worked and fighted for, but at last I gave up.

    This was the last time I really mingled with a part of the community. After that I played solo for some time with pretty much always the same people, because I made the rooms I played in and it was tagged "Be kind and friendly" without any weapon restrictions, but with map rotations and sometimes even special weapon games. Who didn't abide by the "be kind" rule got tossed out after some friendly reminders, that all others in the room were calm and collected (boy, I loved those friendly games - yeah, sometimes someone got angry, but calmed down fast)

    Then I quit again, but for longer with only a really short peek into it again and leaving shortly after. Untill now.

    And that is the way too long story of the ingame Account of Tasja, who has to admit, that I forgot to mention the clan x3 I was a part of inbetween R.I.P and AAO, how embarassing. Who's still here? Who wants more?

    Now something to the me behind the Account:

    Most think I'm a girl. It is funny to see how they behave, even if I never state, that I'm a female and sometimes refer to myself as a "he". But yeah, I'm a guy and kinda old with 31 years (shoutout to The Golden Momma, thank you for letting me feel not too old for liking S4).

    I'm living in germany, liking a good cold beer and talk way too much if I can write or don't see the other ones face. I tend to overthink and overcomplicate stuff, so my sentences can get long, especially in english, because german has so many nice words explaining excactly what I want to say, while english has... awesome. That I give it, but the rest is meh.

    I had stops at several universitys but not finishing anything up. Now I'm in the field of gastronomy, depleting my tolerance for human contact as my job while still loving it. It gives me a good feeling for when I need arguments to stay at home and play something. It's also the reason why I'm only at times like this 4:00 in the morning, slowly getting tired and ready for bed.

    I like games, anime, discussions, metal music, doings sports and I love to be entertaining for others (hence why I like gastronomy).

    For my personality I can say that I like it to be friendly and inviting to others, wanting to believe in the words and deeds of others, which can seem very naive. It stays in contrast to my mostly analytical thinking that, though it often warns me, still doesn't let me doupt people I have met. People I haven't met? They always lie even if they have only typed the a "t". Yeah, I don't know what they want to say, but burn those liars!

    Aaaand I like to write.

    Have a nice day,


    Please don't nerf any weapon in OS except for BRK maybe.

    And I think every person in OS would be happy about a CS buff.

    But please please please please don't nerf any was the most horrible experience when they nerfed CS and it made so many people quit. =(

    If you want to make suggestions or give you opinion on weapons you think are fine or need a change, here is the perfect thread for you:

    Feedback needed - Weapons, Basic

    I agree with everything save for this little bit right here. You can't chain another Bat Jump instantly without waiting through the delay normally. You can only speed counter if they stagger you or knock you away during your delay, but you can speed counter with any other melee weapon in the game. So why take it away from one of the weapons it feels most rewarding with? It takes proper timing and aim to get a critical every time with the Bat Jump, and it loses to Dagger/Ps dash counters and Fist right click. All one has to do is Space+Dodge as soon as it hits them while right click holding to beat it.

    I didn't mean to tage away the stagger effect from the bat, but I want to make it more fun. Not to jump attack again at a target already helpless from that attack and still being helpless, if he doesn't have enough SP. It IS the bread and butter of the bat atm and I do it all the time. What I say is, to change it up a bit. If the one dodges out of the stagger, thats fine. The SP penalty is high (not high enough with current sp pools of most people) and that's why the one giving up much sp gets to counter attack, while the other one is still in the delay. But if that one doesn't or can't dodge out of it, the most someone should be able to add, is a hefty swing to the face, though. So you use more than just one attack with the bat. That's my thought about it.

    I honestly don't understand people saying this about the dagger. To kill 1 person in the daggers stab, the last 2 hits are absolutely necessary, possibly all 3 dependent on the enemy. Also, I very rarely seeing it killing multiple people at the same time unless they are huddled stupidly close together.

    I've been 2 hit by the left click and have been 1 hit by the last any of the 3 hits the right click does. I do have less stats than most other players, but it kinda feels bad, if he's (random text, because the "s" from "he's" and the "hit" from hitting intermingle so great) hitting someone right in front of him, behind him another one and me next to them. Yeah, don't stack up, if you don't want to be hit at the same time, and it surely feels great for the dude, that killed 2 of 3 people with one attack and the next one while holding down RMB. I don't think that weapon is fun like it is and I gave examples of how I think, it could be more fun for either person in a fight. If he manages to get close to you and really stab deep in your back, he deserves to deal massive damage. But I think that the dagger has so many uses and advantages on top of the damage, that it is not a balanced weapon in comparison to any other melee weapon. And I want to like a weapon that gives you utility. Movement speed is a powerful weapon in melee combat, so why should it also be able to effortlessly kill that competent?

    xxXSatanic_AbyssXxx wrote:

    They did, you can dodge out of it.

    You can dodge out of it with enough sp and that is fine. But again, my point of view would be to change something up. Stun should be a powerful weapon, draining the enemy of a hefty amount of sp. For a carrier this is a death sentence and that is fine. If you get cought in a stun, it should be punishing and should make you anxious about getting close again, but what is more fun? Being able to counter play. My aim was to give every weapon a clearly positive attribute while having other ways to counter it. You could be faster and use a dagger to interrupt the stun (which is the thing most people do) but when was it fun to spam a certain attack over and over? I'm kinda rambling now... I would like to be rewarded for using a powerful weapon right (for that,... there should be a change with the needed sp to dodge out of a stun or stagger, like described in my previous post). I can dream, can I?

    xxXSatanic_AbyssXxx wrote:

    No. CS blocks most attacks that are easily spammed/spammy. Almost every weapon (Melee) has a direct counter to it. As far as timing goes, lag beats timing 100%. Forcing it to a time limit means the possibility of the user dying despite "Using it correctly"

    Revenge slows the user at a cost of having a one way defense from some attacks. The slowness of the user makes up for that defense.

    That was a consideration I had, but thought about what would happen, if the new devs really really get to work and update S4, so aaaaaaall the random BS happening does stop, or at least are going back to bugs again instead of being integral gameplay like the "Oh, he wasn't there anymore, but I hit him anyway" and the "Why did I hit him, kill him and be stunned afterwards, oh that's just S4, it happens all the time" and the "Wow, I hit that? Some strange hitboxes going on". If those are removed and you hit when you hit, you get hit when you get hit, then this change would be awesome and feel great to pull of. And if you pull it of, not only do you get a free counter attack (if no one interrupts) but you will make the enemy wary of your CS and make him hesitate more, or he stays stupid and gives you free oppurtunitys to do it again. And yeah, many weapons do have a counter attack against it, most of them are jump attacks and telegraphed pretty obviously. You don't have to put up the guard all the time, so you can dodge them and most of those counter attacks, if used and missed, give oppurtinitys to strike yourself. I think that would be fine.

    Of course, I'm no programmer doing weapon balances as my job, neither have I ever constructed a game played by more than 10 people with things that need balance, so I can't possibly know if any of my "advice" would be feasable in any way. That's why those are just thoughts that sound nice and that could give some of the devs something to think about. Else they wouldn't ask for feedback on such a specific topic. They don't think someone will come along and post anything that is thought out to the tee and spot on with the mechanics and easy enough to be included, nor that it will hit with the community. Because we all have things and weapons we do like and would rather see only buffed and we all have different opinions on different weapons and how they should be used. You have seen, that some even point out, that weapons, who in comparison to other weapons need a rework or tweak are seen as completely fine. Just look at the proposals from others and think about "would that be fun to use if executed in the right way". I'd love to see more varying weapon uses, not just if dmg x should be dmg x -10 or if attack c should not do effect b. Those are fine, too, but think about the possibiltys. Even if the existing weapons are not changed in the way some of us say it should, someone doing new weapons could use ideas from this thread, too.

    Have a nice day,


    P.S.: Kruzifix, again the thing with the censored words. BS is okay that it is censored, but again the feces xD Am I the only one having trouble with that?

    This is from the view of someone playing this game in pen clothes since 2009 (like an on off relationship). First playing unlimited but switched to OS because of the huge gap of damage followed by stats. (if you can sometimes kill someone without being touched is better than getting strays and dying while hitting way more bullets with the same weapon)

    1. Weapon: Spy Dagger [nerf/balance]
    Left click: Either remove most of the damage and let it be a tool to disrupt enemys (like it already is... while still killing) or reduce the big hitbox, so it has to be aimed more carefuly.

    Right click two different solutions:

    -Remove the high damage and the huge hitbox, but give it a longer dash and let it kind of paralyze the hit enemy. With a cooldown so you could move faster than the hit target, but if he evades, being able to move again.


    -Remove the huge hitbox, reduce the long dash range and give it a single, strong hit, but with a bigger cooldown (perhaps only criticals from behind)


    You are fast as hell with the dagger and have the potential to kill several enemys at the same time at a long range while canceling them. The dagger should be a high risk, high reward weapon. Use it correctly and you can disrupt enemys out of their mind (solution one) or punish those, that get too close and are not able to move while still having the utility of speed and the disruption. Give it clear strong uses but also enough drawbacks to justify the strong points.

    2. Weapon: Stormbat [nerf/balance]

    Jump Attack: Give clear vision of when you hit and why you hit. Give a clear indicator of the range from the attack. Remove some of the range. Slower the attack. Make the cooldown between jump attacks longer, but a normal attack after a Jump attack should be faster.


    Sometimes it feels really wonky to use the bat. It is my main choice of killing players but sometimes I hit them when I shouldn't have (sometimes it doesn't hit while being right on top of them). The jump attack is fine from behind or if others have enough sp (they kill you with the dagger after evading) but it doesn't feel rewarding at all. If you hit someone with it, you should be able to use that small frame to give them another swing with it, but you should NOT be able to just do another jump attack again. This is why the speed counter needs to be removed from it. If someone got sp and evades, fine, but if you hit the carrier, he just jumps over your head and goes his way or kills you. It should be difficult to hit a moving target but if you hit, make it rewarding so that you can either swing another one at him, or do nothing but not being able to jump attack again without the target being able to react, which means you need to recover at the same time. You had your hit and your damage, and now it's even again, or you had your hit and swung him back.

    3. Weapon: Plasma Sword: [nerf/balance]

    Dash Attack: Remove the possibilty to one hit with it and clean the collition hit box.

    Jump Attack: Do something against the possibilty to endlessly stun a target. Give it a Cooldown after being used twice or thrice in a row or let it use up a big amount of SP. Clean the hitbox of it. The stun duration should be equal no matter the distance of the target that got hit.


    The hitboxes sometimes feel off and wrong. Sometimes you clearly hit someone with the dash, but don't stop and the first hits come while being inside the target and sometimes you hit the target far away and are a sitting duck still in the animation. The dash is a gap closer used to hold the target with you for long enough to give him a strong cut. It should not be able to kill a healthy player. And it is confusing. Sometimes a player is getting hit but still moves along for some time or gets the stumble after his animation and sometimes everything is cut and he is stopped dead in his tracks where he got the first hit.

    The jump attack is a strong tool but feels off, too. Sometimes enemies get stunned way in the distance and sometimes you do the attack infront of a non lagging player and he walks past you. I think this happens most of the time, when the stun is used in the air. What I mean is, that you don't slam the sword into the ground like it should, but instead the animation is over while being in the air (dunno if that is really the case). And consecutive stuns should be a last resort and be punishing. Either you lose the ability to stun for a time, or you do that and have no sp on top of it ( I can think it only affects players without massive sp pools, but hey, it's an idea)

    4. Weapon: Counter-Sword [balance]

    Counter: Change the mechanic completely. Make a timed counter move. If you use it and time it correctly aimed against an attack, let the aggressor not be stunned, but tumbled backwards and open for an attack. Give the cs the possibilty to attack before the enemy can recover or to change the weapon while the enemy recovers or let it chain into weapon switches with fast, not that leathel weapon attacks.


    Turtling with the cs is not countering. Make it fun and rewarding for both players. One for getting the timing against an attack and the other for baiting the counter and being able to attack instead. It also removes the wallsliding. Giving the player the ability to really counter an enemy instead of turtling against an onslaught of right clicked dagger dashes should be way more fun. The cs is a solid weapon with moderate damage and good mobility. It isn't really meant for killing, so the counter gives it a nice risky but rewarding twist. The comet is another thing. Either it is removed with the change or a combo between the counter and ps dash. But if you don't hit your counter, you are open to attack.

    5. Weapon: Breaker [balance]

    Jump attack: Make the attack slower, give it more cooldown, but let it combo faster into a normal attack. Remove the knockback and turn it into a stumble.

    Normal attack: Make it slower with great knockback, but let it combo faster after a Jump attack.


    The breaker is a massive hammer but never feels like it except for the charge attack. It should not be able to be used as a spam weapon pushing peoble around. The change from a knockback to a stumble with the jump attack should be so you can swipe the hit targets away with a chained normal attack. That's why the attack should be slower. It is a massive area disrupting weapon that does deal damage, so it should be harder to land. So is the normal attack. This weapon should be heavy, somewhat clunky but massively rewarding if hit on multiple targets.

    6. Weapon: Twin Blades [balance]

    Combo Attack: Let it chain faster.

    Charge Attack: The longer you charge, the more sp are drained. Without sp the charge breaks and you stumble, not activating the attack at all. But the attack won't get stronger after charging for a certain amount. If it hits directly after being charged to full, it does more damage. You can release the charge and get back half the amount of "used" charge (Means it is a set amount. Half the Sp used to fully charge the attack).


    I'm somewhat at a loss with the twin blades. I love them and use them whenever I can, but I don't know what to change to make it viable and fun without being frustrating for the enemys. The jumpf attack is somewhat too fast, but slower and you would get overrun even after hitting. The combo is useless because every weapon attacks faster after being hit from the first attack, than the important second hit (it gets to a "who clicks faster" if you hit someone first, because the tb first attack is insanely fast at close range, but the second is... so slow it never hits in a duel if the other one just spamclicks), but if you let it chain faster and hit someone first, you get your guaranteed second hit which allows you to switch weapons and do strong, killing attacks all the time. And the charge attack feels not special and too easy. But these are the only changes, that could make it more reasonable to use. You have to time it, to really do damage and you have to time it, not to be left without any more sp, I kinda like this idea.

    So, those are my thoughts about the weapons I know in and out. And again: I use Pen clothing and my strongest weapon is a Twin blade with +3%, so I can't say anything about numbers in detail. I feel that some weapons deal too much damag or some are close to fine, but even as Pen user I am able to kill full premium players with those weapons, so I don't think the numbers are too low. The damage balance is a whole nother can of worms.

    I could only say things about the weapons I have used many times or watched closely for a long period of time.

    And an afterthought, that came to mind while writing about stuns:

    7. Basic skill: Evading while being stunned or tumbled [nerf]

    Change the set amount of used SP to a percentage of max SP


    It is fun to be able to jump around, do chains of wall jumps and stuff, but you shouldn't be able to do both that and still being able to evade twice out of a solid stun or tumble. To counter the massive sp pools of some players while still letting them jump around like loonatics but giving them a real punishment for being caught in a stun, evading out of it should use a percentage of the max SP. If you do that, you can work on changing stuns and tumbles if needed. Make them more costly or something like that, because then they would be rewarding again.

    Yeah... wanted to go to sleep 3 hours ago... then I spotted this thread... thanks I guess :D

    Have fun,


    P.S.: Awww, come on. I can't post it because I got a censored word in this text twice? "gets - this exist only to seperate the two words <- this "s" caused the same problem - hit" Because it could be, that I would use those two words with malice, because the last letter of "gets" and the word "hit" could mean fecies xD Had to say that... well thanks for editor and search funktion

    I have been absent for some time and I'm only active in OS, but the usage of those two weapons hasn't changed at all.

    1. Dagger.

    It is a rarity to see someone not using the dagger in any kind of form. The normal attack is fast, has a big hitbox with a far reach, let's you cancel any incoming attacker if used at the correct moment and stings besides all other usefulness. The Dash attack is the number one killing tool even capable to sometimes onehit fully geared players. The reach is long, especialy at the end of the dash and you have a very low cooldown. Most prefered use: Using the dash attack from a longer range to hit someone at the end and use it again before he can counter. And Speed counter into Dash attack.

    The only drawback is, that you have no knockback against an enemy and they can move while being killed, so it is kinda useless close to the goal in defense, but most don't defend anyway.

    2. Counter Sword.

    It is the easiest counter against the dagger with it's shield. It doesn't do that much damage but has a ton of utility. Moving along a wall with acitve counter boosts the speed and the fast normal attacks can help you dodge while being the carrier and can be hard to predict. Jump attack after an airwalk while being smashed away helps staying close while also attacking back. It can close gaps and help moving around the map more easily. In combination with the Plasma Sword, the comet is sometimes useful as a surprise attack or to get over gaps.

    Only drawbacks are again in defense. The heavy covers a great area but it is easy to recover because of the hight enemys get knocked away and it needs more hits to kill, which are useful drawbacks because of the utility it has.

    Those two have been used before all the cpdb rooms and yeah, stay there. The dagger is a must have if you want the maximum positives and the cs is a great tool to defend against the dagger while having all those positives attached to it.

    Others weapons, that aren't used at all ... I can't say anything about it, because of all the cpdb rooms since I've come back.

    All nice and dandy but I have a few questions:

    1. It was talked about balance. But what kind of balance is the goal? Is it just tweaking weapons and their base stats, cooldowns and more? Is anything planed to close the gap between fully geared players and such who either don't have the money or refuse to spend it on stats? It could be way less menacing for newer players and those who haven't gotten any big items, yet. It feels unfair to land several hits and still being killed off with a single click from the enemy.

    2. This kinda overlaps with the balance question but: Do you plan to update or change some of the existing maps, With the ever growing pool of SP some of the old maps... well kinda all of the old maps... seem not to work as intended anymore. Don't get me wrong, to see someone doing insane looking jumps on a map to get to a certain point is awe inspiring, but as an example from Touchdown: Someone taking the ball from it's spawn point, running full speed ahead, being stunned, evading out of it, still doing a walljump and running into the goal.. sounds laughable. I love the fast paced action in S4 League. It is one reason why I keep coming back even with aaaaall the problems I could count, but that doesn't promote a fast gameplay, it promotes a brute force gameplay. Not only in Touchdown, but in other modes, too. So either the map needs tweaking, or ... the amount of SP (I didn't want to go there, I didn't want to beat the burned, hacked, minced, hanged, evaporaded dead horse, I deleted 6 times the text where I went into the "remove the buy to win" territory, but at some point... yeah)

    3. Is anything planed for helping new players get into the game better? It is hard, because so many could just make new accounts and still ruin their experience. From the eyes of a beginner: Starting the game, playing the tutorial, not knowing what's going on afterwards, seeing a bunch of rooms with really weird names and Tags after them, joining one per quick match or just on random, being demolished, blamed, flamed and/or kicked.

    We could go back to a mentor system. I see many people who want to help new players. What if, after the tutorial they get the chance to choose wanting to be teached some stuff by another player? Others who like the idea of being a mentor (and have requirements fullfilled like a certain level, spent time in the game, filled out and official form) could chose to do so and help them via talking to them, playing with them, doind training together, doing certain trials (like maps designed to train, where you need to perform jumps/dashes anything you can imagine to get to the goal. Could be fun for normal players, too).

    4. Can you disclose a list of major bugs you are currently working on, so people know that their major complaints are worked on? After all the years not knowing what is worked on, besides the obvious stuff, more transparency would be a welcome change. It could help both sides, players and devs alike could come to a conversation about certain things.

    That's it for now. Thank you for your patience.

    I can't hear about it enough that people think I am using some infinite tracking on them or something because they run in a building and I shoot them as they leave a different area because I assessed the possible tactical value of each direction and concluded that they will most likley approach from that point. We should help teach players creativity and ingenuity, which produces unpredictability

    That reminds me of my old days as gunner before all the ap with the nice skill detect. Most op advantage: Knowing where the enemy is.