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    Hello, as I see, we're developing some interesting ideas when is about our game, but how about our forum?Welp, as a suggestion, for users, when you're clickin on their names and reach the profile page, it would be nice to see an wall, like on facebook as a cover photo or something, it would be nice if we could have a cover photo too, and the wall with different colors and types.

    Thank you.

    So I've been in the lobby after Heiliger made the announce for it, and waiting for a spot in the room, or a new room to be created, what happened?

    I ve been waiting for 20mins and so, there wasn t any new rooms, or the people of the previous room didn t even leave for creating new spots for the people who actually wanted to join the event.

    I understand that he can t kick people for being a Game Master, but you could make a new room for other people to join too.


    There are so much pictures from google picture.. thats so trash xD

    If there re so many pictures from google about this game on our entries, feel free to proof your talent and skill, and draw some new things for us, there's no rule which says about "Do not use google images for making shirts" The images are free to use for anyone. Copystrike us if u think the opposite.

    They may not disqualify you but if you will not change the size, you will be in a huge disadvantage because he will not be able to choose any of your submission for the first place. But if you are aiming just for the 50k pen, then I don't know. whitecatYou still have alot of time to change the size though ;o

    Ah, thanks, i made some of the size that was required, take a look, and tell me if im wrong this time too, thx for help Hime .

    Made the thread to attract people attention on it, not for its value of true. We all know that Rustygarden was implemented in 2011, and replaced with IceSquare, OldMoon got deleted because almost nobody played. Actually even if it's worst, and full of mistakes I just wished to suggest more publicity to the game, actually, nobody cares what they do with the game if is still playable, I do it for the fun, but they do the game is merely pitifull. Again, it was for attracting people to it. You can hate it, you can do w/e you want on it.

    We all know why the game is actually dead, the 10.000 players won't come back that easily because, you got only forum events, let's be serious, more than 5 people will see those events, or either the anouncement on the starterpatch won't work that good. We all know hat Aeria did, i don't blame the "company" for those what happened, removing channels, banning countries, etcetera.

    Let's start with the beggining, 2009.

    First time i've joined the game was a bit sour, I didn't have any ideea of what i've been doing, playing, having fun, because there was weapons who actually look terrifying good, Alaplaya knew how to mentain the entertainment at a high level, new offers, ingame event, not some kind of bullsh** like gs hunt, spring gs hunt, what the f&&& is wrong with you? Are you a company for using construction theories in a good game? Actually it makes me think that is there any company called Aeria, or other things like that. I won't mention the support help, because is actually really good, you have a problem? in 24hours is fixed, until you lost an account or something, but back to the point. In 2009, I've meet the game via a banner on a website, actually, i saw the website, it looks stupid to me, and I thought i wasn t a good game, but after 1 week, searching via mmohut, mmorph dot com, saw a game, explained third anime stylish shooter, kinda interesting to me, I joined, saw the same game like a week ago, download it, started to play, it was really good, my first map, yea, I don't think everybody knows, or remember OldMoon, playing with a counter-strike sword, it was funny, the second map!? Yeshh ! Rustygarden, good maps, that got removed after the new company took the lead. I don't suggest that they removed them for some kind of reasons or something. Back to the point. 2010 - Summer Time, kinda hot everybody knew that, Alaplaya give us a bit of entertaiment via shop, but not only shopping, SummerIngameEvent, via box, coins, it was really awesome, for each player to win something from their time playing this game and their adorated maps, actually if i remember, the big box was the SexySummer Set(M)/(F), yes, good memories.Alice2

    But let's keep going, each year, summer, christmas, halloween, the new year, they upgraded not only the shop, they gave us somethin' to play for, ingame items via ingameevents, that bring over 10.000 players from all the Europe, Asia, Africa, nd actually USA, every country was interested in this game, even if it was a few people, what's my point here? They had a good publicity of the game, banners, registering the game via games'sites, what we don't have today? Are those things ! Ingame events? Anycompany that develops or entertain games have their own workers, that know how to fix, edit, add and rollback-up the games, what do you have? Only the rollback-up things. If everything is wrong, bad, or bad-working? We roll'back a save, that's how we fix it. That's you, in 2016-2018.

    Back to the point, a lot of time passed, we are in 2016, Alaplaya sold the game to Aeria, I'm not saying that it wasn't a good choice, ok? Everybody does whatever they want when it's about an amount of money, but actually I don't blame the company for the bad evolution of the game, like an idea, you could roll 1 server with multiple channels for each countries, the maximum players per channel would be 3.000, that was a good idea. But everybody complained about lag, lag!? Is the best enemy of all the games. Even in 2018, all the games are sick of it, why? There's no lag. Is just the distance, or the week connection that your internetcompany provides you. Not everybody has the luck to have a good internet. Back to the point, if you kept reading this thread, you'll understand why !?

    The 10.000 players dissapeared like poof, there's nothing like banning regions or those kind of things, how many people could come from outside?? 2.000?

    What about the rest? No entertainment via ingame? Why should I play anymore? I got all I need, why do I need the old sets on the ingame shop, if they re not even updated at 1 week, that's how a gamer thinks, if there's no new things, there's no fun in playing anymore.Why we're at almost 2015 players on free days like Sunday, Friday? Because we have our germans, less or more, all the turks(Which I don't want to mention, they're lagging more than Asians, Egyptions, is not about their distance, they lag because their game is running too fast in terms of actions, and other players are moving for them more slowly thant we normally should, but we're actually more fastly than them, that's the actually definition of their lag, I don't say that they should quit the game, they're good players, as we all are), people that are even using VPN's to play this game, people from Egypt, Asia, Thailand, other countries from Europe, like Hungary, Russia, Romania, but those outsiders, like latin people, SouthAmerica, etc. They all are good players, good costumers, we spend our time, our resources into this game, but we don't have any gain, we want new maps, new items, new website, new ingame events, and I'm not talking about forum events, what you do every week, is harsh, if you do 1 event, how many people can participate at it? 500? What about that other 1500? If you read all this article, you'll understand that what im suggesting here, is new people that know how to work on games, that could actually fix all the problems the game have. I m not saying that Alaplaya, Aeria didn't do a good job, yes they did, but we need something new. We were waiting almost 2 years, and all we got was forum events. Waiting for your answer, and I know that all the game-masters, and "developers" do all the things in their free time, they re not asigned to work only on this game. Is their free choice either or not, the game will reach in 1year, or 2 less than 500 players at the highest moments of the week. We all know what will happen or it already happened!? if you don't even trying.(As an exemple of trying!? The new breaker, great job, you can do more, like 10 weapons that are not related to any season of this game in a month.) Thank you for your time, taking to read this thread right now is a pain, but it actually helps you to understand what happened with the real game.