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    The most sad thing about this is, that there are devs which get payed for this sh*t.

    I don't give a duck, if it's worth spending or not. My point is that they are still focusing on milking the game to the extreme.

    You think there are actual devs? I mean there are probably some but i dont think they have spent more than a few hours on the game^

    renaming the servers was an improvement imo. less ppl scattered around empty servers. Also the forum really doesn't look that great atm.

    It was an improvement? Why not just make 1 or 2 big servers then? In times where LAT players got unbanned, Asians and Arabs etc are around distance lag is actually a huge problem... but yeah lets just remove the region names just so we can pretend we expanded the Lore and something big is on the way...

    Another ingenious idea from Aeria to make S4 a better game, renaming the servers, renaming gamemodes and now changing the look of the forums. They never fail to satisfy us players! Truely the best company ever.

    A friend showed this game to me Season 1. I played it only a few times a month and created many different accounts due to me always forgetting the passwords. In summer of 2014 after I finished Skyrim and didn't want to play another single player game as it felt kinda lonely sometimes. So I looked out to find a new game and decided to start a new account and immediately started tryharding. I played only gun DM for like half a year before starting to play TD!

    CS and PS are perfect designed weapons which have been there from the start. There is no reason changing them much whatsoever. Actually CS is not even doing enough damage rn and should be slightly buffed. Stun on the other hand can be seen as a problem i guess.

    The only real balancing problem S4 really has are all the insane stats that AP and Esper Chips give you. They should just be removed tbh as they break the game in any way.

    That is really not set on stone and can change over time. Before the cpd there were ps only rooms.

    thats not the point tho. The point is if you make a "how to def" video you should either generalize it or use weapons that are popular right now. Videos like "why you should use exo and fists in td and how to use it" would ofc also be nice!

    Unlimited mode is fine. It is just that most cheats nowadays affects gun weapons so it is pointless to make a tournament if only cheaters will win it.

    well in old tournaments it was very rare that cheaters won, most were known as good aimers!

    Agree with Hella. We only need OS tournaments!

    And preferably with the restriction on stats, because enchants ruin the balance.

    Cry time~

    no, just no

    Imo the best thing is if they just remove all sats from weapon and clothes, make a "balance mode" which has the current s5/pen stats and a "fun" mode which has the current ap stats without enchants. So when you dont want to pay you can play these modes naked or with certain free skins you can get during level up/events but you will always have the same stats anyways. Then Aeria could even leave the enchant system there but only make it for the "fun" mode. So the only way to have better stats will be with enchants in that mode. That still leaves the pay2win a bit but makes it less of a problem, still reason enough for the more advanced tryharding sword players to pay for it.

    Furthermore Aeria doesnt only need to sell skins, they could actually sell emotes, some sort of ingame emojis and maybe even Clan Marks.

    Modern f2p pvp games are actually getting rid of p2w. You won't find any successful ones that are p2w.

    S4 is a victim of its time. However, nothing is set on stone. With some more modern management mentality it can become appealing even for new players again... that is if the vk finally gets removed and the focus is moved more to unlimited mode, quick play queue and so on.

    The game currently is super newbie unfriendly from the community side and game design.

    just wanted to point that out again @peopleinchargeofS4

    It's weird to me that people complain about the AP vs PEN difference in 2k18. As mentioned countless times FP items/sets are acquired by just playing the game.

    Keep playing and you will get one eventually. Besides, stat differences are the least concern in regards to problems in this game.

    I have almost every item and super powerful enchants but I would still prefer that Aeria removes the pay2win! The thing is: most new players wont spend 50 hours of playing so they have actual fun playing the game. Nah they will just never touch S4 League again after 2 hours of getting beaten by players with much more skill and double the damage! If they at least have the same stats from the beginning they might get ambitious and will maybe try getting better!

    So, in your world view, you think you getting something for free is good, but when someone got the same thing, but had to work for it thinks that everyone should have to put in some work for it as well, that is what is selfish. Yeah, OK, at least we know where you stand.

    Well in a free2play game it should be possible for new people to have at least similar stats to the other players. If they pay for skins and something like that, it's on them but why would anyone new to the game pay money for it, if it's not even fun for them? (talking about differences in item stats)

    I'm a firm believer that nothing can be attain for free. People need to work there way up and get it.

    Karasakal A idea that make FP stats accessible. Add them in the Enchanting system. (Another enchanting option) How many levels to enchant full FP stats say 4-5 lvl. Timid item can be enchant up more easy and pay for 500 pen for each Lvl . Player enchanting on perm items is harder and pen pay is like esperchip amount/a bit more. Weapon won't break, but has chance to reset by 1 or all. Fumbi shop will drop FP lvl randomly. Pet with zero stats can be enchant and more cheaper.

    A big flaw in S4 is the pen system. Back in the days where shiney chip doesn't exist. Stacking pen from match alone is still tough thing to do and the system today still bad please work on it. A suggestion idea, give players a mini shiney buff for a brief time. Like with full lvl 5 have 30k pen limit. A mini buff can be 9000 pen limit. It won't be much. It might be something for players can work on.

    selfish thinking like this is what destroyed the game in the 1st place^

    The best option would be to remove all "normal" weapon stats, introduce the option to play PEN or AP mode (so basically if you are naked you still will have the same stats) and the only stats that stay are the enchants. So it will still kinda be p2w but not AS bad. Also there are still EsperChip stats, EsperChip skills, etc.

    i was talking about the set stats not the weapon and am with you that playing pen vs fp is hard but it aint impossible specially that I saw you playing with pen gear and you were still reking me and my team back in the days

    But the new players probably won't have the skill to outplay those who already have AP stats and most likely they also won't dedicate hours of their lifetime (like we older players did) to learn stratagies and game mechanics that help them to beat players using AP stats.