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    I am hoping to get the things stabilized soon.

    At least we can have a bigger playerbase with LATAM being unbanned.

    I wonder if the eu players would blame/flame for more laggers.

    Also the timing of unbanning the latin players is very good. They all start from nothing (unless they pay again), and the biggest giveaway just ended (to get a nice startpoint). So now latin player will fight against OP eu players.

    I wonder why the forum staff doesn't response on my request. Or maybe they saw it but doesn't answer haha (poor excuse to hide your inactivity), like most of the staff do (not to Heiliger and some other active staff members). Anyway, I would like to see how many staff members read this message. @staff give a like when you care about this topic.

    (Ps: don't inform each other to hide the truth ;) )

    I'm not pretending to be rude but... Japanese players are waiting for more time, also Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesian, Philippines, Koreans, so latins are the last who lost their version but no1 cares about the rest of the world and that's so sad.

    I didn't knew they were also banned. Good that private servers take care of them in the meanwhile.

    Hey everyone,

    For today's session, here are the questions (again, these are questions asked by you via the form we had in forums).

    We will answer more together with the secret guest


    Sad there isn't any point added for Latino players. I'm not sure if previous information you told them was enough to satisfy them.
    My point is to not forget they are waiting for long now to getting back into the S4 League community.

    Because this thread is made, I'm taking the chance to reply because the levelup system need some changes.
    Here is my vision:

    Combine a level system with a rank system to avoid a way to earn easily the same exp as someone who plays the game correctly.

    How does it works? It"s difficult to explain so I hope I explain it understandable.

    The level system still works with getting exp and if you reach enought, you go to the next level (and get better prices than in the past).

    But adding a ranking system makes it intressesting. If you are high in the ranking, you earn more/faster exp than someone who is in a lower rank.

    So the ranking system doesn't need to reward players with items at the end of the reset date (maybe putting there names somewhere on a list to give them a more satisfied feeling).

    For players who already are level 80, it doesn't seems to be fair to bring them back to level zero and reset there exp so they can also get those (better) prices. So I suggest to start a second exp counter and whenever they reach there old level, there visible level get higher again.

    I know this isn't a detailed plan, but I think it tells the main concept. If there are question, you can always ask it but I'm not really into having a discussions so...

    Kind regards,


    Hello S4 Team,

    I will start first with some positive feedback. Live sessions gives the feeling there is a closer connection, so thumb up for this.
    The way you answered most questions satisfied me (except private servers), I realy liked what you said here "What we actually want to do is that we are good enough so that you don't want to get into private servers".

    Now the "negative" feedback. Maybe a bit more proffesional next time (for example no mirroring).
    Also I'm sure there was a question about the p2w topic... I didn't aksed it but I'm sure someone did, what happened with this important question?
    Again about the negative view of private server, people who host those places do it out of love for the game. Isn't there a way to take advantage of it, instead of trying to beat them?

    And last thing I like to add, I don't wanna sound like a commanding person but can you make a new Q&A round. People will have now new questions.
    If this will happen maybe put all answered questions in a "Q&A Results" topic so it is a easier overview.

    Kind regards,


    Also I suggest you to change the structure of some data formats (.scn, .seq) and network packages. Another issue is the encryption for the resource folder and some specific file formats ( .x7, .lua). Because those days, several people can edit or use this for there own purpose. But proberbly you are already aware of this...

    I find it annoying that +15hp skill is useless those days.

    Over time your damage can became stronger and your lifebar can get more hp.

    My suggestions about the skills are:
    Sword only: +15hp, +30sp (and maybe a new +10hp/+10sp)
    Ultimate/gun only: +30hp, +30sp, +20hp/+20sp

    All other skills stays in the same category.

    Nice compilation but you could have included links to the videos from where you got those in the description.

    I can recognize a thumbnail of 1 of my videos there and bunch of hara's as well.

    Thx and yes I took a thumbnail of your videos and some stuff from hara's.

    But I have exams and took this as a pause. It cost to much time to put all those sources in the description.
    If you want, I will put you into the description.

    This are some picture you maybe never saw from the official S4 League. Sorry for the quality and watermark. I hope you like it.
    Show us what you think we missed to compete this collection! Or if something is wrong (proberbly), let me know.