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    we had this kind of returner reward in the past. Sadly we don't have anything as appealing to that what you've mentioned above but we might have something like that in the future again

    yeah i hope your system can apply my opinion hahahah btw i want to show my character Indonesian server but sadly so many OS than unlimited like aeria now hahaha but you can see here my character have blink" effect LOOLL

    The return rewards aren't that big like you've mentioned but the daily login offers better items for a week for new players and for those that haven't played for few months. Also, we aren't using Game Guard for S4League and we definitely don't hate you because you're from Indonesia ^^

    i shock when I want to play this game 2016 I merged my account to aeria I think I will get reward returner like my indo server but I get nothing feels bad man I think not efficient daily reward only one capsule with rate low permanent people want feel new weapon with FP stat and in our server if we our server coming new set they give us 7days trial with FP status

    Hello guys i'm here i want to ask all player in S4 league. I start play this game 2010 (alaplaya) i love this game with the styles, cool movement and my favorites mode is TD of course is the best one because announcer sound make me feel like play rugby LOL. So let's go to main topic can player like me 2010 can get Returner box's like that? Honest i'm from Indonesian i love this game ever but Indonesian server only running 3 years then closed. I will give my experience with Indonesian Server, do you know in Indonesian server they gives us Returner box's if we are not playing 1-2 month and the Game Master is good af and GM's give simple event like login 1-7 days we will get 15 capsules for free weekly maintenance then the Specific Returner Boxes include :

    - Crow Counter Sword Force Pack (Permanent)

    - Skill HP/SP (Permanent)

    - Detective Set Girl/Boy Forcepack (Permanent)

    - Pen 250.000

    - Assasin Spy Dagger Forcepack (Permanent)

    GM's want player comeback to this game with reward Returner Box i think this is ok you are senior in this game i know every people have boring or else and the GM's dont want the player go from this game and this is good way i think to make people back again to our games

    Do you know in indonesia first launching our people enthusiastic play this game and this is the best game in our country 6000 player in our server that madness but in here so many hacker's but the GM's still try hard to kill that hacker's but they did it well. They using GameGuard no one in our country can using hack for this games because time by time people go to this game because boring i hope now aeria own this game i hope you can make this game more better and dont forget dude in here the GM's online everyday for us. We can play with GM's everyday if the room not full XD and the GM will be use new set if we are have new update.

    Indonesian Closed (Season Cyborg)

    I hope this S4 League like this dont only for money i think this game good , but you need to balance the player with your High Damage and now we have Esper Chip ? hmm i know guys you hate me because i'm from Indonesian i just tell my opinion to you guys thank you for your attention ( I hope Karasakal read this Thread)

    In our country this game Motto say "Stay Young and Dangerous" :Fumbi1: :Fumbi1: :Fumbi1: :Fumbi1:


    why you all happy nostalgia but in shop they all expensive af, i think nostalgia like season 1 fresh not like now too many buffs, nerfed, etc

    i hope this game better again and people hope " REMOVE IP BANS" in facebook, can you approve they wish? and we want cool weapons and cool sets too without buying AP's can we buy it with PEN no matter what stats +0 +0.5 + 0.6 +0.7 +0.8 we will buy and newbie player see in here oh sht the items expensive af, that all my opinion thank you .. FOR BETTER S4

    i want ask . Why GM not show in game and play together with player? too rare play with GM and i never see GM talking in s4 league lobby and room