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    I assume that the game has already been scored? Already a year the same problems, but there is no solution to them. I started to hang again, it was poured when I left the room, and at the same time the game started to hang for a couple of seconds ...

    The issue is something on your end.

    If you are using headphones, try using speakers to see if there will be a change. It is possible that there is a damage cable or something.

    Also try updating your sound drivers if nothing else helps.

    The problem is not my PC, but the game itself. The game does not sound emotions, weapons and when you press the combination of Q +1-9 there is also no sound. When you go into the game when you click on the inscription there is sound (music) and when I move around the menu, too, there is sound. It turns out the game itself bug! And here my PC headphones and drivers. If I had a problem with the drivers, I had no sound everywhere on my PC.

    I repeat once again in the game half of the sounds do not work!!!

    1) Deleted all game content and reinstalled

    2) Deleted folder file 's4_UserData.s4'

    3) Downloaded 3 times and installed

    That's what it means, that the game took aeria games. Even installation of games with bugs!

    p.s The problem is not solved

    You misunderstood me! The sounds menu on the computer the sound is there! The character is a mute... The emotion is silent, the sounds of weapons, no !

    The sound menu is when I go to the tabs, and when I go to the lobby or in the game. The sound is not present from the character, running, emotion, the sound of weapons, and much more:/.

    I've spent around 2 hours before kicking a cheater until he gave up and didn't come back, this issue is, it sometimes is very hard to figure out their names, though if there's a really obvious case you can still pm the GMs that are online, and he will see to it. But that only works if you know the name of the cheater for example.

    Everybody has a direct address to GMs though, you can pm any GM you want through discord.

    You can immediately see on the left side of the line that will show you the nickname that went into the channel. Just when he changes his nickname, the old still show on the left side. So you can throw it off the channel and see the real nickname. Or you can go to s4db and immediately see the game hours 50-100, and it is already pro and so it is clear that he cheater. If I had my way I would have cleared this game from cheaters in a week !

    Peace To All! I propose to introduce another group IG (initiative group). People who to be every day in the game there are the most cheaters and people that hinder us to play his hacking stuff (Personally I'm tired of the 10-15 times to start the game or hanging in the air Chasere). So I suggest to weigh this group which will be linked by a direct address of GM and GS, and send all this proof on cheaters.

    p.s I also vidigal his candidacy.

    Apparently they won't even fight afk for them it's okay. Already brazenly create channels "Chaser" 7/24, and yesterday and today in "Chaser" alone afk. Early in the game GS came in and were thrown out of the game, thanks for your efforts! So now no one goes.