Weapon Balance Analysis Bot

  • I'm not exactly sure how this would effect the game, and it may be dumb idk. What if we had a room bot that collected data on which weapons were used by players the most often? Like it'd calculate it in form of percentages. If a majority of the players take a certain weapon over another, the bot will store this data. It would only record the weapons used once per half, (or game if the mode doesn't have halftimes). Over time if a weapon was over, or under used much more often than others the Annalist bot would be able to show this to the Devs.

    Even if it were implemented I'm not sure how often Aeria would do balance patches, but i'll use once every month as an example. Also if implemented, I don't think players should be able to see the analysis.


    1: May make Balancing effective.

    2: May push players to try/use other weapons.

    3: The only way to cheat the bot is to not use said unbalanced weapons often, which I call a win.

    4: It would possibly bring a fresher game experience as you'd be less likely to know what your opponents will take.

    5: It could make the game more competitive with the constant changes.


    1: Would have to be programmed.

    2: May make the game lag even more, (depending on how it's implemented).

    3: Would probably enrage players that like weapons the way they are, (mainly those who like to refuse change).

    Edit: It'd probably be better if this would not track FM modes. As players who farm should not be able to effect the bot. Not many people like to farm in non-FM for some reason. There should be a timer set before it sends the weapon information. When the timer activates should not be known by the players. This would be to prevent players from starting and then leaving a room to remake another to personally mess up the analysis.

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  • It woudl be useful though not sure how the "no X weapon" rooms will affect the results.

    I guess the balancing should start with those firts anyway.

    If this kind of thing were implemented, and was successful, there'd be no reason for players to have such titles. As the analysis would give a good enough Idea on what to change, thus no need to ban said weapons. Heck I wouldn't mind if they took away the option to re-name rooms. It'd be kinda nice not to see FM "Jump/Flirt" farm rooms in the lobby anyway. 2 birds 1 stone.

  • If this kind of thing were implemented, and was successful, there'd be no reason for players to have such titles.

    Yeah but the damage is already done.

    besides weapons like the rail, bombs, boots, heal, ms are probably the most urgent ones that needs changing.

  • Hi,

    We'll definitely look at data, but I don't know what the best way would be.

    Since we have direct access to our database, we may not need a bot. But then again, bot may provide some real-time data, which could be interesting.

    Thanks for the idea!