[GUN/OS] Balance weapons

  • Hi guys !

    I haven't seen this idea mentioned anywhere, maybe I haven't watched enough carefully but I've understood many things by looking at people's opinion, and my suggestion is :

    A balance weapon for OS Mode which is different than the balance in gun mode.

    I mean, as an OS Player, I do find that some weapons are much more powerful than others, the mobility that offers CS against Katana. But in Unlimited mode, the CS isn't as powerful as it is un OS Mode, it is even less powerful than other weapons like PS.

    However, I've understood that this game is a SHOOTER game, and therefore, the balance is made for the unlimited mode. But the number of OS player clearly outweighs the number of unlimited players, just look at the room created in the english netsphere 1, around 3/4 of the rooms are OS. (I won't argue about why I'd rather play in OS Mode than in Unlimited but that's just the fact, OS Mode is now more important than the Unlimited Mode)

    The game has evolved with the players, at the beginning the OS mode didn't exist at all, the OS room had for name "Melee weap only" or things like that. Now, I think we should adapt the balance to the players' gameplay.

    This idea aims to use the full potentiel of S4 League in terms of diversity. I'm a bit fed up of "Cpdb no F" TD rooms because of weapons that are "cancers" for some players like the Breaker. And I understand that they can't actually do anything if there are a full team of breaker just spamming their Jump attack. Honestly, I Just want to try new weapons, new gameplays with Vital Shock, Exo and other Weapons, but all the room are either "cpdb no f" or full of Breakers and it is clearly impossible to have fun in this kind of game.

    I didn't really think of how to create a new OS Balance, but maybe decreasing the damage the Breakers Jump Attack deals, raising the SP Cost of the Iron Boots, raising the damage of the Katana Jump Attack and Vital Shock (all the attacks). Increasing the damage of the sigma blade when non-awake.

  • Well actually I do like the idea to balance weapons according to mode :O It is not a bad idea <3 But it would be really hard to do it IMO :o!
    But nice suggestion :D

    " To Heal and Protect"

  • Oh yes I'd love melee balance (as I'm mostly a OS player). Though the game is meant to be a shooter, but at the same time if they have OS as a featured mode in the game it should be balanced accordingly (along with Unlimited). Chaser only mode got its own weapon limitation nerf (off topic, but please add Railgun to that list in there). In OS there're obvious "Better" weapons to use than others in stacked games. I'll list what they are, and why they're better below.

    Most of the melee weapons that're considered OP all have one thing in common, they excel at crowd control, but without any drawbacks that make them lose to 1v1 situations. These weapons are the following~ Fists, Br, Tb, and Ib. They're all weapons that players tend to complain about in game. In my opinion crowd control weapons should have huge drawbacks that leave you open, especially after a miss. Look at the Stormbat for example, its crowd control attack is the perfect example of how crowd control moves should be. Even the Cs crowd control (Cs Spam) is easily punishable.

    "Crowd Control Melee weapons should have drawbacks that're easily punished in 1v1 situations (Like Cs/Bat)".

    "Situation Melee weapons should be weak in Crowds (Dagger/Vital are a good examples)".

    "Versatile Weapons should be somewhere between the two listed above, but be not as good in either area (Plasma/Katana for instance)".

    Notice that CPDB are all on my example list. That is because they literally are the most balanced melee weapons in the game. The OP melee weapons are good in all 3 areas, and in order to nerf them, they'd have to make it so they only excel in only one of the 3 types.

  • Notice that CPDB are all on my example list. That is because they literally are the most balanced melee weapons in the game. The OP melee weapons are good in all 3 areas, and in order to nerf them, they'd have to make it so they only excel in only one of the 3 types.

    Hold that thought. "the most balanced"....................:D

    I agree CS is balance. But I think combo should be alot quicker.

    Agree on PS, but combo does need be quicker too.

    Dagger? Most Balanced? The number of cheap kills that players use is that.

    Bat too? Honestly the most OP Jump attack and allow to give critical hit on its jump attack.

    The old weapons are given a royal treatment. That cause old player choose to play the style back in the somewhat so called good age and back in those day the Devs don't care about balance. Those some of the old melee weapon never got real balance.

    Aside from dagger. The rest CPB were allow to have critical damage. As most new weapons exo, katana, tb, etc. Don't have that full power of critical damage. So its not really fair to say these weapon are balance. If you take out the the critical damage in CPB then it would be balance. But its not and its pretty unfair too.

    The most OP thing in SO is not crowd control. Its giving a weapon far to much power and that is Critical Damage. How would CS even two shot before it was nerfed? Its because of that critcal power.

    Imagine if newer generation weapon giving the fair treatment in having critical damage power just the older generation. Then it would be chaotic.

    If SO were to remove all critical damage from every SO weapons or from it SO Mode. Then it would be perfectly balance. But it clearly not.

    Even if we do remove it. Older players would just play that kind of style. Same thing with those S5 people. Don't know they still exist or not.

    No matter what people do. No one can change their way of playing the game. Thats how it is.

    On topic:

    I Never thought a Melee would get weaker just playing in unlimited.

    BR and Dagger are the only one I think should be nerf the most. Dagger is like Fist but without restriction. I honestly don't know how this weapon was under the radar for all these years. Being OP as it is. BR swing is to easily abusive. Really need more delay on its swing.

    Dont know why boost should be nerf even more. Its already a utility weapon. I think they should add back all the old combo that they remove. Remove most of the critical damage or give it random critical.

    Katana and Vital need a boast.

  • It's true that Dagger can give many cheap kills, however it's situational. It's fully blocked by revenge, and if you miss you end up dead instead. It's also almost useless in the air. Katana has a built in Random Crit rate, which the effect stacks with Random Crit enchants. You can make it so you crit with it more than 50% of the time (or up to 70% of the time if you're a full enchant whale). Btw, Katana crits really hurt.

    I have to disagree with the "Crits being too op" thing. The weapons that crit aren't use often in OS tournies. Everyone takes Fist/Br/Dagger/Exo etc, and why? Because Range and Crowd control rules the game. Why aim for a crit with a ps when you can do crit like damage with fist/br without having to aim for one while also having enough range to hit multiple people? Even if Bat crits do "op crit damage" it still isn't as useful in full games and why? Because "It leaves you open to attacks" after execution. That's how it's balanced. No one is 1 hit by it anymore, and anyone can recover/counter after being hit by it from full HP now. Why do you think Br is more common than Bat in Os? When people don't put "CPDB No F" in their rooms, you won't see CPB very often at all, instead you get people using the weapons I listed because they're the "Best" as i see them say. Btw, I've never seen a CPDB player call themself a "god" as I have with OS players that take the other listed things...

    On a side note Katana and Vital are fine as they are. They are balanced weapons, and that's why the seem under powered. If anything the Crowd Control weapons should be nerfed a bit speed wise to make up for their huge range and high attack power.

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  • I mostly agree with you Fazoodle : BR, fist are way too OP because of mobility, no delay, crowd control, high damage etc.. While it's true that dagger is a must in TD because of the move speed, the cancel (air cancel are pretty useful, even to cancel a walljump), and the Stab that deals a lot of damage, I don't think this weapon is too powerful because of the delay of the stab. Moreover, we have now find solutions do speedcounter (it's hard to revenge them but you can actually almost easily dodge the third hit only by holding right or left direction).

    To my mind, Katana is fine as it is, I know some katana player, if you don't have the CS Revenge, you're dead. JA cancel is very powerful and the right click critical almost One Shot you. But the vital shock isn't fine, it doesn't deal enough damage. The Air Cut is fine, but if doesn't kill a low player like dagger do. Move speed is good but look at the right click and left hold attack. When you hold your left click, it only deals a little bit of damage, grabbing and pulling your opponent next to you. FIrst, no combo possible because he can revenge after the grab so you can't stab or do something, he can also cancel you etc.. Damages with this attack are way too low. This attack also has a huge delay, it's not worth at all. The Right Click is a dash, okay it's fast, but you also have a delay, no damage, and if you miss the left click (with mouse sensibility low so you can't cancel someone who's going to attack you by behind or things like that), the delay is longer than the Earth Revolution.. Next thing, we can also speed counter this attack, and it gives around 40 hits when you get all the hits, but it only deals like 50 or 60 HP damage ? That's not worth either.