New starter pack doubt

  • Hi everyone :D
    I have a silly doubt regarding this :…w-starter-pack-half-price
    If you spend (purchased) ap for the first time, you will receive this pack. Ok, so far, no problems.
    My question is : do players that have already purchased/spent ap before, BUT it's their first time spending ap after the new starter pack was released), receive this "new" pack?

    I'll give you my example x) I already purchased and spent ap, but I never did it in the last years, so I never purchased/spent ap since the new starter pack was released.
    If I spend (purchased) ap, will I receive it or nah?

    Just wanted to know if that "first time ap spender" means from the time the new pack was released OR the very first time of the account/player

    I'm sorry if it is confusing :O

    " To Heal and Protect"