Your EN Game Master - Introductions

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    We, as Game Masters, are primary here for you; the player. We are here to help you with any problems you may have regarding S4 League. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions when you need a helping hand. Your game experience is the foreground. To enhance your gaming experience, we are always around to provide you with exciting events where you can prove your skills and be rewarded respectively.

    In order to offer you a terrific gaming experience, we will work together with you for a harmonious coexistence both here in the forum and in game.

    What a GM is able to do:

    • Receive and forward game related feedback
    • Perform forum and in game events
    • Answer game and forum related questions
    • Moderate the S4 League forums and Discord
    • Monitor overall server performance and notify a CM in case of trouble
    • Receive behavior related reports and forward them to a CM
    • Receive bug reports and forward them to a CM

    What a GM is unable to do:

    • Show any kind of favoritism (e.g. hand out free items or AP)
    • Fix bugs
    • Alter already existing game features
    • Develop new game features
    • View your tickets or respond to them
    • Ban accounts or threaten to ban any account
    • Deal with ban appeals
    • Investigate event related issues (reward not received, AFTER 2 days have passed)
    • Deal with GM related feedback

    In order for you to better get to know some of us, each GM will provide a brief introduction of themselves for you below. This will be updated as new people come on board.

    This is updated as of 31 August 2017.

    Please take a look:

    From Heiliger:

    From Luna:


    Well, I'm Luna... I'm currently 22 and moved to the US when I was 7. I'm currently studying to major in biology with a minor in Japanese and neuroscience. (only needed 2 more courses after I finished language requirements) and am a senior. I started playing games when I was 4 with Starcraft being my first game. Currently, I most play Starcraft II: LotV, Overwatch, League of Legends, and S4 League. And... you'll most likely find me in the off-topic section of the forums o.o

    I first played S4 some time in 2008 and just played for a couple months (or so I think.... I stopped a little after smash rifles were released). And I came back with a new account in what was either 2009 or 2010 (when homing rifle, air gun, and daggers were released) and played since then. I mainly used smg/ps/railgun/bind at first... but then I saw someone who was PS only and carried the game.... So I started playing swords only with CS/PS/SD/SP Mastery since then. That's a couple years ago so.... I can't aim now! o3o

    From Dragon:

    From Monti:


    Hi. I'm Monti. I started working as volunteer member of Event Team back in 2012. The reason i applied was because i loved S4 League and was sure of entertaining potential it had hidden within. That time i used to be russian ET(former abbreviation for GS) and for all those years we did lots of cool ingame events, contests and tournaments as for russian players, so as for players worldwide. (Remember Xmas Madness?) Unfortunately S4 League officially stopped supporting russian players and russian server was removed, but i kept my position as GS(im counted as En Gs now) and i still support russianspeaking players in any way i can, mostly on our social networks. ( . Feel free to visit it anytime ^_^)

    Nice to meet ya.

    From Zen: