Spooktober - Halloween Play Event

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    HelllooOOoooOOo Leaguers,

    Are you ready to bury your friends and enemies in the deepest, darkest corners of fear? Are you ready to CHASE THEM, into their nightmares? Then wait no longer and become the chaser! Halloween spirit needs you!

    As a part of the Spooktober, we ask you to become the chaser. The more you act as the chaser this month, the more points you get.


    Basically, what you need to do is simple. Become the Chaser in the Nightmare map for as much as you can.

    Become chaser 20 times - Get 10 points for Spooktober

    Become chaser 40 times - Get 20 points for Spooktober

    Become chaser 60 times - Get 30 points for Spooktober

    Become chaser 80 times - Get 40 points for Spooktober


    This event will take place as a part of the Spooktober. You can find the detailed information in the GENERAL SPOOKTOBER THREAD HERE.



    Become chaser 20 times - 1x G's T.O.D. Scythe Capsule + 5k Pen

    Become chaser 40 times - 3x G's T.O.D. Scythe Capsule + 15k Pen

    Become chaser 60 times - 5x G's T.O.D. Scythe Capsule + 20k Pen

    Become chaser 80 times - 7x G's T.O.D. Scythe Capsule + 25k Pen


    - Rewards will be send after the event is finished.

    - No cheating or hacking allowed.

    - No farming allowed.

    - We reserve the right to disqualify any participant who may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!

    - No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!

    Your S4 League Team