S4 League 11th Anniversary Play Event

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    Greetings Leaguers! party-popper_1f38911.png

    Let the festivities begin, because it is that time of the year again. S4 League is going to be 11 years soon! We've been on this never ending journey for exactly 11 years and we can tell you, it's been a great ride so far. Thank you all for sticking with us on this thrilling journey and we hope to see you on our side for another 11 years!

    Now, what better way to celebrate this special day, than to have an action packed play event!?


    Just like our weekly challenges, all you have to do is to meet the requirements while playing the game. You can find the detailed requirements in the table below.

    Day Date Game Mode
    Monday - T1
    07.10.2019 Siege - Play more than 2 hours
    Tuesday - T1
    08.10.2019 Siege - Play more than 2 hours
    Wednesday - T2
    09.10.2019 Death Match - Kill more than 15 players in one match
    Thursday - T2
    10.10.2019 Death Match - Kill more than 15 players in one match
    Friday - T3
    11.10.2019 Chaser - Survival point more than 200
    Saturday - T3
    12.10.2019 Chaser - Survival point more than 200
    Sunday - T4
    13.10.2019 Battle Royal - Play more than 2 hours
    Monday - T4
    14.10.2019 Battle Royal - Play more than 2 hours
    Tuesday - T5
    15.10.2019 Touchdown - Score 4 touchdowns in one match
    Wednesday - T5
    16.10.2019 Touchdown - Score 4 touchdowns in one match
    Thursday - T6
    17.10.2019 Siege - Play more than 2 hours
    Friday - T6
    18.10.2019 Siege - Play more than 2 hours
    Saturday - T7
    19.10.2019 Touchdown Passmode - More than 150 total score
    Sunday - T7
    20.10.2019 Touchdown Passmode - More than 150 total score
    Monday - T8
    21.10.2019 Captain - Play more than 2 hours
    Tuesday - T8
    22.10.2019 Captain - Play more than 2 hours


    Depending on how much you participate in the event, the rewards you'll be getting will change as well.

    The event will have the same structure like in a Tiered Spender. To put it simply; we reward you for playing in the S4 League. This means that the more you play the more we want to thank you, and we do that by giving you awesome items!

    Therefore, if you play one specified mode with the requirements, then you get the T1 reward. If you play two specified modes with the requirements, you get the T1 and T2 reward and so on till you get the final T8 reward.

    Pen Reward
    10000 1x Mini PEN Capsule
    20000 3x Mini PEN Capsule
    10000 Tulio's Black Set / Tully's Black Set (1 Day)
    20000 Exo Scythe (3 Days)
    30000 1x G's Binary Twin Blade Capsule
    15000 3x G's Barbas & Marbas Capsule
    15000 Gamer Boy Set / Gamer Girl Set (30 Days)
    30000 Cheerleader Cap / Heavy Stone Refree Cap (PEN color with FP stats)


    EVENT STARTS: 07/10/2019

    EVENT ENDS: 22/10/2019


    - Play all listed modes with the required stats

    - Rewards will be send after the event is finished.

    - No cheating or hacking allowed.

    - No farming allowed.

    - We reserve the right to disqualify any participant who may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!

    - No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!

    Have Fun!

  • game made 11 years and they give ''acessory'' ..........

    i dont belive anymore on this team i literally quit.

    (keep grinding old players money and latins)

    s4league 2012 set vampire perm 2019 ''acessory''

    i m done with this ''staff''

  • You know what's best you can do ?
    Announcing a shutdown.
    Know why ? It's been 11 years , Half of them moderating the game , tinkering up problems by such a bunch of inept staff.
    You're being overshadowed by a Private server run by average programmers and players from the community itself , How could you bring a game down even further ?
    Entirely empty handed.
    I think , that's the best reward for the players and yourselves. At least , It will completely extirpate any dimly hope one can have for the game to revive.

  • yes you need to play 4hrs total, 2hrs per day

    That's not true. You have two days to complete a challenge. You could do one hour each day or you could do two hours one day and not olay the second day. That is how these kind of events worked so far. So I'm sure you have to play two hours total over the course of two days, like Hella said.

  • A weapon without any skin for 3 days, which you can easily get in the Fumbi shop? Kinda funny, actually.

    Instead of increasing the rewards, they decrease them harshly.

    Seems like they want to milk the Latinos and CPD tryhards even more.

    Have fun with the Event/Farm rooms now, not to mention the people that just go afk in a real match, just for the reward.

    Worst thing about them is, that you can't kick them and I never saw one of those "spooky" game masters online, kicking those afk players.

    The GMs prefer to chill on discord, I guess.

  • Ppl have probably forgot this but you can actually report afkers.

  • The fact that your last event made me quit the game <X

    You guys really need to step up your game in terms of event.

    You made me loose interest in the game by literally nitpicking every single little details that wasn't EXACTLY SIMILAR to your screenshot, just so you didn't have to give out rewards.
    On this event, even if someone tried, they would get useless rewards.

    Seriously who tells you to give that kind of rewards, and to make events so painfully hard and ridiculous:sleeping:

    W/E, I was right to leave the game. Peace yo, it's a no from me.