S4League Community Managers & Game Masters

  • Dear S4League players,

    here is an updated list of all staff members of S4League

    S4 League Community Manager

    Community Managers are employees of Aeria Games and can assist with almost all issues that a player may encounter while playing the game or browsing the forums.

    List of Community Managers:

    • Community Manager (English & Turkish): Milkmosh
      Forum: Milkmosh
      In-Game: [CM]Milkmosh
    • Community Manager (English & Russian): Tamino
      Forum: Tamino
      In-Game: [CM]Tamino
    • Community Manager (English & French): Addie
      Forum: Addie
      In-Game: [CM]Addie
    • Community Manager (English & German): Glitch.exe
      Forum: glitch.exe
      In-Game: [CM]glitch.exe
    • Community Manager (English & Spanish): Maddog
      Forum: Maddog
      In-Game: [SCM]Maddog

    Game Master Liaisons

    The Game Master Liaisons are responsible for any and all Game Master related issues.

    They serve as point of contact between the Game Masters & the Community Manager team and are responsible for the welfare of the Game Master team as a whole.

    List of GM liaisons:

    • Community Manager (English & German): Glitch.exe
      Forum: glitch.exe
      In-Game: [CM]glitch.exe

    S4 League Game Master

    Game Masters are volunteers chosen from the S4 League player base.

    They have shown exceptional dedication towards the S4 League community and are accomplished and knowledgeable players.

    A Game Master can answer most of the questions that a player may have and can perform a few additional tasks, as listed below.

    List of our current Game Masters

    • Game Master (German): Evendora
      Forum: Evendora
      In-Game: [GM]Evendora
    • Game Master (German): Crowlax
      Forum: Crowlax
      In-Game: [GM]Crowlax
    • Game Master (German): Psalloe
      Forum: Psalloe
      In-Game: [GM]Psalloe

    • Game Master (English): Zen
      Forum: Zen
      In-Game: [GM]Zen
    • Game Master (English): Dragon
      Forum: Dragon
      In-Game: [GM]Dragon
    • Game Master (English): Heiliger
      Forum: Heiliger
      In-Game: [SGM]Heiliger
    • Game Master (English): Lofurs
      Forum: Lofurs
      In-Game: [GM]Lofurs
    • Game Master (English): Hana
      Forum: Hana
      In-Game: [GM]Hana

    • Game Master (French): Gilgamesh
      Forum: Gilgamesh
      In-Game: [GM]Gilgamesh
    • Game Master (French): Kuja
      Forum: Kuja
      In-Game: [GM]Kuja

    • Game Master (Spanish): JoyaPlayful
      Forum: JoyaPlayful
      In-Game: [GM]JoyaPlayful
    • Game Master (Spanish): Nekkles
      Forum: Nekkles
      In-Game: [GM]Nekkles
    • Game Master (Spanish): Kaizae
      Forum: Kaizae
      In-Game: [GM]Kaizae
    • Game Master (Spanish): Wyros
      Forum: Wyros
      In-Game: [GM]Wyros

    • Game Master (Portuguese): BakiPT
      Forum: BakiPT
      In-Game: [GM]BakiPT

    List of our current Trial Game Masters

    • Trial Game Master (......):

    - Wishing you lots of fun from the S4League team!