Clans and stuff

  • How come I cannot add members to the clan I am in? Says exceeds limit when there are like 6 people. Is this bug solvable? Thank you.:S

  • It is a bug with the clan system. It counts the members that you had before the clan change.

    If you are trying to invite and it doesn't work, ask them to apply manually from the clan search. One of both methods should work.

  • We can't even make an application for some reason, I think I should just give up. Thank you thought.

    Sending application can be tricky. Make sure you are following these steps (from the perspective of the person who applies):

    -Open the clan system

    -Click on the "club information" tab

    -Type the EXACT name of the clan that you want to join in the search field (the search function won't work if you are in the "club ranking" tab)

    -Press "Registration" (make sure the clan name for which you are applying is visible. It is shown in green on the screenshot)

    Make sure you have pressed "Registration" only once. Pressing it again will cancel the application.

    You won't be able to send application if you have already applied for another clan so if it shows a different clan name on the "club information" tab, make sure to cancel that application first (and ofc you can't apply if you are already in a clan either).