GM Hunt - May 2019

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    Hello Leaguers!

    Once again, the time has come to chase our Game Masters. Don't miss this chance to teach them the ins and outs and be rewarded with a bounty.


    The GM team will join or create their personal rooms! You need to kill a GM with no assist and screen it! The GM name needs to be clear enough to read.

    Note that the button to take a screenshot is F12! Don't forget it!

    Here is the list of the current GM team

    Submit your screenshot after successfully killing a GM in this form:



    You can choose 3 capsules from one of the following rewards:

    [8 capsules]

    • 3x Toy Gun Capsule
    • 3x Galaxy Counter Sword Capsule
    • 3x Space Rabbit Pet Capsule
    • 3x Marko Parrot Capsule
    • 3x Sexy Striker (F) Capsule
    • 3x Fumbi Striker (M) Capsule
    • 3x Violet (F) Capsule
    • 3x Leo (M) Capsule



    The event starts on Monday 27th of May 8:00 PM until Friday 31th of May 11:59 PM CET time.


    • You can take part only once in this event, more than one submission won’t count!
    • Only BR Rooms.
    • Your In-Game Name and the GM name should be clear.
    • You aren’t allowed to edit the screenshots in any way!
    • Submit your screenshots above in the form.
    • Your kills have to be made without assists!
    • Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made!
    • Upload your screenshots on or a similar screenshot sharing site.


    Soy la cazadora, no la presa.

  • I didn't even knew this event is a thing until I saw the room ingame.

    Bumping for visibility since threads without posts doesn't trigger notifications.

    We pinged on discord aswell, didnt you receive the notification there?


    Soy la cazadora, no la presa.

  • I think you get a notification for new threads if you are subscribed to the forum topic. At least I get them.

    Maybe you should check your settings.


    I have that already.

    judging by the date, I assume it was created earlier and was hidden until now so probably there is no notification when it has been unhidden. It happens with many official threads actually (just not sure if it is limited to those)

  • It's due to threads that were already created beforehand, yes. There's also a certain timeframe that automatically mark threads as old, if you didn't check them and hence not displaying as new topic. We forgot to bump it this time. Sry about that