Mitigate lag consequences

  • Hi,

    for some time I meet more lagging players than ever before. I also tested my connection and so on to make sure it's not an issue on my side.

    I also asked the lagging players from where they are playing and most were playing from countries far away from the EU.

    So I think it is related to the IP bans that were lifted not that long ago.

    However players with a really high ping has advantages (which are issues for players from the EU) we all know about. So I made a list of ideas how this issue could be mitigated (whithout having to reintroduce IP bans):

    • Set a ping limit: there are people who sometimes have delays bigger than 2 seconds. Even if you're living far away this is proably not possible if you have a decent internet connection. We need a limit here and everyone who exceeds it needs to be kicked from the server with a message "Your internet is too slow". This limit could be set so something around 500 ms I think
    • Change range for swords: the effect everyone sees is that lagging players have a higher range. So I guess this can be changed by decreasing the range based on the internet speed (or slowness). E.g. like normal range up to 100 ms and for 200% * 100 ms the range * 1/2 and for 300% * 100 ms the range is 1/3 and so on.
    • Change pattern for guns: making the spray more random for lagging players is not the best solution I think but maybe someone has a better idea.

    If someone has better ideas please let me know :)



  • Lag always has, and always will exist, and lag is not one-sided. If someones ping is high to you, then your ping is also high to them as well, and your shots/hits will be just as delayed to them as theirs are to you. Except everyone else's shots/hits will also be that delayed on him/her as well. So if anything lagging is more disadvantageous to the lagger, and not the other way around.

    The ping limit...yeah no ty. I think we have enough dc messages to get annoyed about in the game, and we don't need to lesson the player base any more than what it is now.

    About the range change for swords, understand that means that the range of your attacks would be cut on the lagger as well. Lag in S4's case is a bad connection between 2 players, and also the server. Sure one persons connection is laggier, but if both of you hit tab, it will show both of you that you have the same ping to each other. The end result would be the same.

    Change the pattern for guns, the laggers life don't need to be harder.

    The best solution is to just think ahead. Use their lag against them~

    Example 1: If in swords (just for this example), you ambush a lagger (one that has those 2 second delay hits), from behind a wall and decide to jump out stab him/her, s/he won't see your character move on his/her screen until 2 seconds later, but the same is also true if they were to try to do that on you. If their delay is 2 seconds, then think 4 seconds ahead.

    Example 2: In unlimited, say you decide you wanna Airhug. If you suprise the same lagger that has 2 second hit delays then you'd be able to get 2 or 3 shots in before they'll be pushed by your Rev/Shotguns knock-back, and since they won't until the delay catches up to them you'll be able to headshot easier since they won't be pushed until it does. Again, this is true too if the lagger decides to do the same to you.

    Source of this opinion: I've been on both ends of lag, and the two ends are no different aside from the fact that to the lagging player everyone elses range has that delay to them. "Lag is not one-sided".

    Extra: Though if they're force lagging somehow for a brief few seconds to get a clear advantage, and then go back to normal, that's a different story.

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  • There was ping limit in the past and it didn't work. Most ppl only starts lagging when they interact with others.

    Also melee range doesn't work like this. The game is build around "favor the shooter" mechanic (for both melee and guns) so this mean if someone hits you on their screen the game will register it as a hit even if it is not yet displayed on yours. This is why it looks like they hits you from far away.

    Also idk how exactly random pattern would help against lag. It just increases the luck factor instead of skill.

    However there are probably ways to reduce or make the lag less annoying but it will require rewriting the netcode.

  • You lag = They lag
    They lag = You lag

    It's Peer To Peer game, there's no advantages like you said the only advantage can be with the room creator since he can pick before the others (on the "others" screens) and it's not a real advantage but a disadvantage imo because his respawn can be delayed. It's just like a mirror.

    and tbh i rather to play this game with laggers than players who complains about 30ms lol

  • Thank you for your feedback. Seems like I got a few things wrong regarding the topic or on how the game itself works.

    Sometimes the laggs are a bit annoying but as you said, there is not much that can be done in order to improve the situation (which is already a lot better than years ago). Since there is no more to say about the topic I guess it can be closed.