Offical In-Game Rules

  • Welcome to S4 League.

    When you are in-game, we expect you to show respect and understanding to every member of the community. The following set of rules is provided as to further outline our expectations when it comes to your conduct in-game.
    Please note that these rules should be considered as an addendum to our Terms of Use - they do not replace them.

    §1.0 General Behavior

    Players of S4 League come from all around the world and from a range cultural and religious background. Therefore, language that is considered offensive, racist, obscene or otherwise inappropriate should not be used in chat or as a username.

    1. Please be friendly to the other members of your community and keep discussions objective and calm.

    • a) This game is not the place for personal insults or conflicts. If you are having trouble with a particular person, keep it objective.
    • b) Please do not write insulting, racist, sexist, pornographic, obscene, inciting, glorifying violence or war messages or some that are suitable to cause serious harm to children and young people or which might threaten their wellbeing. (See also §8.3 of our Terms of Service.)
    • c) All members of this community are to be treated equally.

    2. Do not insult or provoke members of the Aeria Games team.

    • a) If you are unsatisfied with the actions of the team, please share your objective criticism in an appropriate form.
    • b) If you are unsatisfied with an event or game content, please post your criticism in the respective forum thread so we can discuss about it.

    3. Please do not, under any circumstance, threaten to bring physical harm to anyone. Also, do not wish for someone to come to physical harm. Threats of violence against someone are taken very serious and will have real consequences.

    • a) We take this rule really serious and do not hesitate to inform the regulatory authorities.

    §2 EVENTs

    Events are made to make more fun and entertainment. It also helps the community to better know each other and share their work.

    1. Do not disturb events.

    • a) Aeria Games staff, Game Masters, or members of the community can start events.
    • b)Please don’t sabotage events in any case.

    2. Check the forums, there may be further info regarding events.

    • a) Please do not share don't share deceiving information on purpose/ if you are not completely sure.

    3. As events count the following things:

    • Every event on social media
    • Twitch Streams
    • YouTube Streams
    • Discord Events
    • Forum Events
    • Tournaments
    • In-Game Events

    §3 Macroing and third party software

    Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. Please also note that many third party software websites and applications contain keyloggers, trojans and viruses that will put players' personal details at risk. Macroing also gives some players an unfair advantage and can detract from having fun in the S4 League.

    1. Please do not publicly accuse another player or clan of hacking.

    • a) Report your assumption with appropriate evidence via ticket (not Discord or Forum or any other channel except the ticket system).
    • b) Do not create a thread or post in the forums for that.

    2. Using, discussing, sharing, or advertising cheats, exploits, macros, bots or hacks are forbidden.

    • a) Any discussions about these topics are forbidden. Cheating is a serious violation of our rules and we pursue a zero tolerance policy towards it.

    §4 Account trading/sharing/gifting/swapping and scamming

    An account should be only used by the owner. Never share your account with anyone else, doing so will likely get the account banned permanently.

    1. Trading, sharing, gifting, or swapping of accounts is violating §10.1 of our Terms of Service and is not tolerated in our forum.

    • a) Keep your account data to yourself. No GM or CM will ever ask you about your password. Only scammers will ask for your password.
    • b) Do not ask any member of our community about his credentials. Asking/trying to persuade another player to give you their credentials or other personal information for any reason is against the rules and will not be tolerated. Players must not commit frauds and/or scams against other players.
    • c) Do not accept an account that anybody else offers, as they may be stolen, and this could lead to your own account being terminated.

    §5 Aeria Games and you

    1. Do not impersonate a member of the Aeria Games staff, as this would lead to the suspension of your account.

    2. Do not publicly discuss decisions made by a member of the Aeria Games staff. If necessary, write a ticket to criticize the decision.

    • a) Do not discuss actions that were taken against your account in the game.

    §6 Privacy Policy and Copyright Infringement

    “Personal information" means information about you that is personally identifiable, such as your name, e-mail address, phone number or physical address.

    1. Please do not post personal information or contents of a ticket.

    • a) We value the privacy of each member of this community. Thus and because of the GDPR, it’s forbidden to share any personal information of any kind in our game.
    • b) Pictures of other persons are also considered personal information, therefore it is forbidden to share pictures of other persons without their written consent.

    2. The posting of any content that is infringing upon the copyright of another party is forbidden. This includes links to websites that promote copyright infringement.

    • a) Do not share material (music, videos, pictures) if you do not have the proper license to post it. If you think that a message infringes upon your copyright, please contact us.

    §7 Advertising other websites (unfair competition)

    This precaution has been taken in order that no links to any sites may be advertised in-game or in the Forums, thereby protecting players and their computers.

    1. Please refrain from actively advertising in any of our games or forums. This includes advertising any website or product.
    Links to sites can sometimes be dangerous to players accounts (by leading the owner to phishing websites designed to capture their account details) or to a player's computer (by downloading malware when they visit those sites).

    §8 Gameplay

    The following rules are in place to keep S4 League fair and above all enjoyable!

    1. The following "techniques" are considered allowed for use in-game and is not a punishable offense when reported:

    • Airhugging
    • Airwalking/Recovery Sprinting
    • Flash Stepping
    • Bunny Hopping
    • Comet
    • Exo Beam
    • Reload Cancel
    • Instant Walljump
    • Wing dashing
    • Boomerang
    • Speedcounter

    2. Ingame Modes

    • a) Teaming, “friendly Chaser”, suiciding and AFK Farming (Away From Keyboard or simply sitting down) in Chaser Mode and other modes that are not supposed to be played in this way are forbidden. Please refrain from using above tactics to gain yourself or the enemy team an advantage in the match.

    3. Custom Room Rules

    • a) Room rules set by players are not mandatory. Restrictions in weapons or rules in the title of a room are not enforced. Please respect the room creator by following the rules that the host setup.
    • b) Creating rooms for the sole purpose of being AFK and chatting is not allowed, as you will gain EXP, PEN etc. from being AFK in the room until the time expires.
    • c) There is an exception to this rule, if your room is created with the title "Jump Room" it is allowed to show other players how to perform specific jumps. Use the “Friendly Mode” option and do not lock the room with a password.

    §9 Encouraging others to break the rules

    You must not encourage or help others to break any of the Rules of Conduct. Encouraging or helping others to break the rules is as bad as breaking them yourself, and therefore anyone doing so will be treated as if they were the one breaking the rule.

    We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, therefore you should take a look at them from time to time.

    Consider that these rules are just an addition to our Terms of Service - The ToS still applies to its full extent.