Apparent rage-post.

  • I seldom formulate an opinion regarding S4 League's operations management, however, I believe I might have just hit my threshold. As an individual who has been playing this game since its Closed Beta days, I am entirely familiar with its ups and downs. Surely, I am not as naive to grasp onto hopes of future glory, but I convinced myself that by purchasing AP for my main and slew of alternate accounts, I could play my part in keeping this game afloat. But, time and time again, the managerial staff has delivered incompetence, and displayed lack of responsible ownership in the quality of the application they deliver.

    Case in point, the past couple weeks, in an attempt to resolve pre-existing issues, many new bugs have found their way into the application: random disconnections, worse entry-lags, unpredictable time-outs, and my new personal favorite, as displayed in the image below.

    In light of this, I can no longer, in good conscience, spend any more money on this game. Do I believe this will change anything? Absolutely not. But I am merely a fed-up customer.

  • to give some input, you were trying to play when there were server related issues which are solved now. All the other new appeared bugs have been forwarded. Gladly you can send us more details about the bugs you encounter and we can help by telling you how to properly report them.

  • hello, I have same problem like that too. when u want to create any room no matter from training scenario or normal room it said cant find room. sry I hope I can get help from this. cant make room in neon

  • I think only neon maybe but in lithium u can make a room. just why the neon is empty and unable to make room?is it a bug too?

  • i feel like making a new topic about another bug is overdone so i'll just say it here. I logged s4 pass 2 days and each time there is this bug where the ball can't be picked up by either team, regardless if the RM leaves or not.

    Happened in multiple rooms sometimes 3 times in a row. This should be hotfixed asap.

  • On the last patch the ball gets bugg randomly and nobody can take it, the frezz that is generated when they enter and leave the room is now too annoying, the fumbiedance at halftime is bugeado no longer dancing, on the results screen the characters are not show correctly.

  • The ball issue it's because the real room master doesn't get updated, so if he/she leaves there will be no ball unless he/she joins back. A friend had the real master when he was in the lobby and the ball didn't appear, which is an old bug, but on top of that when he left the room the real room master didn't get passed and the ball didn't appear until he joined back.