When will be fixed this bug or glitch idk

  • Hey! I wanna say something... Everyday i play s4 league now. When i try to leave a room (that i played ofc) the game crashes.. This happens everyday to me.. when will be this bug or glitch fixed? It happened when i joined s4 again..

    I'm not like: "C'mon... I want to fix that now!"

    I know coding and updating is hard but please.. resolve this...

  • it was a little after the introduction of battleye actually but it shouldn't crash you now even if the client freezes. Now the freeze will eventually last up to 2-3 minutes and then you can continue. Before you received a disconnection message as well, once the client resumed

  • I get this problem regulary when leaving rooms. Most of the time I'm faster when I taskkill S4 and restart it than waiting for it to resume. Also the resume isn't always working because EAC gives a timeout.

    It's very annoying but good to hear that the devs are still looking for a solution. As a lot of you already mentionned it's quite difficult to fix when you don't know by what the issue is caused in first place.