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  • First of all , i'd start doing this so you can get some perm items.

    Then , what you need to do is find 3 weapons and a skill that you feel confortable playing with.

    SAVE YOUR PEN (this is a must) and only buy Weapon and Set capsules when you have at least 300k pen and a booster x2 (from my experience this work , others might have different experiences).

    You can try the fumbi shop but to be honest i'm not a big fan of it.

    And at last , watch some Youtube videos so you can see some tricks and tips to help you get better overall.

    Forgot to say that when you have 3 weps perm that you like , start investing on chips.

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  • Steps you need to do as a newbie :

    1. Try to get a permanent set as you'll need it very soon for the levels and the power level of the game.(the mmobomb would provide you with 2 sets and a lot of other stuff that'd be beneficial for you including the permanent set that is inside if you were to get it)

    If you are a f2p player :
    Save up for shiny esper chip set (you'll need to level up shirt,pants,gloves,shoes shiny esper chips to level 5 to get the bonus effect which allows you to gain 30k gold with 3k/room as a cap.I've gotten over 5m pen with only that and its been working wonders for me as a f2p)

    If you are not f2p player :
    Ignore the shiny esper chips and go for other esper chips as it will help you in battle more often than not since they provides other beneficial skills if you are going to spend,you'll probably get a lot of pen anyway so it wont be a problem for you.

    3. Warning about the toxic community.People will call you out for being bad at the game no matter what.It even happens to old players because of 1 mistake or they'll call you out for being "laggy" in a peer 2 peer server which i dont get why they calling me that when they're not even living on the server as in not in germany.

    4. Try to have fun and as Rui has said before me watch videos and join in jump rooms and ask for help.People there will most likely offer some suggestions or teach you how to do easy jumps there so you could play the game with a little bit more knowledge before hopping into a match

  • Hi and welcome nhungthientai  Foxtailgirl

    Yeah.. first get the free sets from MMOBomb, you just need a steam account for it.

    Also a good advice from Rui to save your PEN for weapons and boosters.

    You get boosters from leveling up, at level 10, 15, 25... etc.

    All level rewards:

    For weapons, try out PEN-Versions before you get them with FP stats.

    Everything is possible.. find your own playstyle.

    Weapons and Skills are listed here:

    As for eSper chips I would recommend that you first buy the shiny chips.

    They give you more EXP and PEN (for other stuff and other chips).

    Even at level 2 they give a decent exp boost for leveling and they are not that expensive at level 2.

    You will find more informations to the different eSper chips here:

    Another hint, you can only enchant them before attaching to a setpiece.

    After you chipped them in, you can't enchant them anymore.

    And last but not least, the eSper skills:

    For jumps and tricks.. there is a lot to learn and to practice.

    Don't give up, you will improve by playing.

    I hope this helps you a bit for starting.

    If you need more help feel free to DM me here in the forum or on the S4 Discord Server.

    Schoggi Lilithemoji