The Huge Delay Problem

  • idk if u people are having the same problem with me but in the game i see a lot of players saying ''what the **** is this'' ''i cant see the ball what the ****'' etc. there is a huge delay problem in the game and there are players who i can not see also there are other guys that i cant see and also stuck in one place but they still make the goal by standing in one place and i cant kill the people below the ball im sure some people have the same problem with me i just wanted to know if there is a solution for that or is it going to be fixed if yes when ...

    note: sorry for my bad english

  • i dont have a clip but as much as i can explain there are people standing in one place they're like ghosts i cant hit them and cant see them i just see the ball at the top of their heads and in 15-20 seconds they're making the goal and also i had some delay problems today in the game and there were other guys like me the game was delayed by like 3 seconds

  • no everyone have the same problem right now but its better now its just right now we are getting kicked from the server again and again like the times from 1-2 months ago but it should be okay soon

    Does it happens only today? The server can be laggy at times. Otherwise if it is just you it is probably connection problem. Make sure s4client.exe is added as exception to your firewall.