Arena & Warfare Bugs

  • I just hosted a Warfare room and an Arena room. Each of them only has one area available (which kind of sucks). But I noticed two big bugs in each; neither are gamebreaking, but they're very noticable:

    1. Warfare has no background music, at all. And either the Queen and her soldiers have no sound effects or the sound effects on them are super low.

    2. In Warfare, Queen sometimes has a huge black shape spread around her that will stretch/clip towards the wall. This isn't an attack so I'm not sure what it's supposed to be.

    3. In Arena, when you're neither the attacker nor supporter, you get a few viewing options based on numbers 1, 2, and 3. However, pressing those numbers sometimes switches your weapon instead.

    4. In Arena, when spectating, your teammate's character and headshot both show normal colors, and your enemies' are red. However, when the game shows who is next to fight, the panels shown are the reverse - it's your teammate who is redded out, and your enemy who looks normal and has a green outline. The latter should be corrected.

    5. Might not be a bug, but most people don't know that these modes and others exist because they come after the Random match type selection. If Random came at the end of the match type list instead, there might be more people playing these modes.

    6. Also might not be a bug, but when it shows "showing the result screen in X" at the end of Arena, my game froze for a bit as "not responding" then after about 20-30 seconds I was back in the match room. This hasn't happened any time else in the game, so if other people happen to have also gotten this, it might be a technical thing (but it solves itself so it's not that big of a deal).

    Thanks for the hard work! ^-^