Challenge of the Week: The Station

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    Hello Leaguers!

    Welcome to the new challenge!

    To create exciting, high-level play experiences the S4 League team hosts a variety of regularly scheduled Challenge Events!

    Take part in the event where you challenge yourself to get even better and win great prizes!


    This week’s challenge is: The Station

    Mode: Touchdown  S4Client_Mode_Weekly_challenge_A1.jpg

    Map: Station-1

    Amount of players: 8 or more

    Regular tier: Score 2 touchdowns in one match on a Station 1 map

    Leaguer tier: Score 3 touchdowns in one match on a Station 1 map

    eSper tier: Score 6 touchdowns in one match on a Station 1 map

    Please note that screenshot must be taken directly from the match (TAB Screen). To take a screenshot press F12 key, after taking your screenshot it will be sent to the game folder. Screenshots taken from the end result screen will not be accepted.

    Completed task? Submit your screenshot in this form:


    Make sure to fill the form correctly. Otherwise your entry will be disregarded.


    This week's challenge will go from 25th February 0:00 until 3rd March 23:59 CET.


    You will get the reward for highest completed tier:


    Regular tier: 1 G's Namahage Type-B Capsule + 10k PEN

    Leaguer tier: 3 G's Namahage Type-B Capsule + 10k PEN

    eSper tier: 5 G's Namahage Type-B Capsule + 10k PEN


    - Weekly Challenges is the event where you complete a task by yourself or with your teammates. Once you complete the requirements you can make a screenshot of prove.

    - You will need to submit only a screenshot of the challenge criteria being reached.

    - If there is more than one screenshot required, you MUST upload all the screenshots to a linkable album to submit with your contest entry (e.g. onto or

    - You are not allowed to edit your screenshot or to send old screenshots.

    - You can submit more than one entry but only the highest tier will be rewarded.

    - If there are room requirements you have to follow them.

    - Rewards will be send after the event is finished.

    - No cheating or hacking allowed.

    - No farming allowed.

    - We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that may breach the rules of the contest or our ToS!

    - No exceptions for participation outside of the set time frame will be given. Sorry!

    Your S4 League Team

  • Only 10k pen, flips table.

    Guess I have to translate my post from the German thread, so here we go.

    In general, I think the challenge is a good idea. It impoves the variety of maps too. Execpt if you want to play station-2 24/7. ;)

    But in my opinion the rewards should scale better with the tiers. From Leaguer to eSper tier (3 TD difference) you only get 2 capsules more. But from Regular to Leaguer tier (1 TD difference) you also get 2 capsules more...

    And now to the 10k PEN. You can think of it as a participation reward. Since it's the same for every tier. But it doesn't change the fact, that it's a really small amount. You will get more from playing an evening with a shiny eSper Set. But still better than nothing I guess.. Since it's free :D

    Cya ingame :Fumbi2: