Game fails to start up

  • Hey,

    So here's the issue:

    After logging in, EAC loads and then an erorr pops up; "Cannot find d3d9.dll. Please reinstall this application"

    Tried reinstalling. Tried disabling firewall and av. No luck.

    Any suggestions?


  • I wouldn't recommend to download single dll files since it's not recommended due to security reasons but I recommend to install the directX runtime from here if you don't have the file in C:/System/Windows32

    Also assure that you don't have that dll located in the game folder directly or in any above level folders instead of the one I mentioned above

  • Check if you have d3dx9_29.dll in your game folder. If it is not there, you are probably missing other files as well so better try redownloading the game.

    If the file is there, it is also possible that your graphic card drivers are not installed.