Pixelated graphics

  • Hi,

    I'd like to make a suggestion concerning the graphics of the game.

    I know replacing all textures by new ones with higher resolutions is very unlikely (even if it would be nice:Fumbi2:) so I will focus on the most pixelated ones:

    • Loading screens (Game and Modes) : they loook blurry on newer screens with higher resolutions. Moreover the text written in the lower part says "all rights resetved" instead of "all rights reserved".
    • Letters: some textures look even pixelated in lower resolutions like the one used for displaying "WARNING" in Chaser mode, as well as the ones displaying the current's game state
    • Many graphics used for displaying the lobby look pixelated on higher resolutions.

    Concernig the screen resolution: I'm playing in 4K, so in lower resolutions it's not that pixelated.

    Note: I know how to change the graphics settings in the settings of my gpu driver. However the textures mentioned above still don't look much better.

    You could also let us design some textures like the loading screen by making drawing events.




  • They will have to change those screens completely then.

    There are some high rez title artworks of the website to download but for the modes/maps they will probably have to do new ones.

    A loading screen event also won't be a bad idea as we had in the past.

    Btw can you show me a screenshot? Maybe there is something that you can change in the settings to make it better

  • Hi,

    you can find some images in the attachment.

    Some more Images: https://imgur.com/a/1VEw7V9

    I already set the textures quality to "High" in the game settings and I also activated some extra options in the settings for my graphic card.

  • Could be some bad graphic cards settings or that you have missing textures then. What scythe skin are we talking about?

    OT :

    I usually edit manually by making preferences on my NVIDIA control settings, forcing some neat A-Aliaising mode among other stuff like reducing texture blurrness when you aren't looking straight at those parts. Also i use the middle graphic settings in-game to remove unnecessary blurr and brightness

    Good luck with those plans


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