Bugs that occurred after the last patch

  • Hello, After the last patch i noticed some bugs and i guess many of you may not notice this

    -Clan chat problem: There's a problem with the clan chat, if a member sends a msg in clan chat. The clan members can't see what that member sent
    -Observation bug : After the last update this problem started to happen. If the room master enabled Observation mode and players went to the spectating slots then the master Disabled observation from room settings. All players that are in spectator spots get disconnected from the game.

    -Room join bug: i don't know why this is happening but after the last update it happens more often. A player tries to join a room and he gets stuck at joining like it says for him that he already joined the room yet it doesn't let him in the room and then he gets disconnected from the game

    -Weapon bug : This bug occurs not too often but sometimes, a player joins the room with three obvious weapons from his point of view, but other players could see that he is using weapons that he is not even using, it only occurs as in shape and not as in effects

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  • the 3rd one happens alot with specific weapons and set. I noticed when I wanted to join a room in eng2 (several times) during a stream with glitch. I'll write in here later with what equip I had tried.


    I noticed that this issue can be caused by specific items or set pieces. In my example, it is the second loadout that causes this bug most of the time. I assume that sometimes specific ressources are failing to load by the room and hence that bug occurs. Here a screen for the others on how it looks like (tested in eng2):

    In these cases, I switch my loadout and then I can join anytime.

  • I get it sometimes but from all these items I happens to use only the Assassin SD on time to time. I will look for it but it may not be caused by a specific item.

  • Hi Voar, thanks a lot for bringing up this list with a decent description for everything you've experienced regarding the listed bugs.

    I already got some info about the clan-chat issue. Can you provide any material for the other 3 bugs?

    I am very thankful for any additional information :)

    that's the observation bug, the player 'Maecy' was in a spectator spot and when the room master changed the room settings she got the termination msg.

    as for the weapon bug i'll send a vid once i encounter with someone having this bug