Become a part of our next Twitch stream!

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    Hello Leaguers,

    We got some great news for you! !!!

    We are starting to do a scheduled stream for you on Twitch every Saturday, 5pm CET!

    The stream will be hosted by our newest Community Manager glitch.exe and an additional GM or CM.

    The twitch stream includes giveaways, little Q&A sessions, games with the community and more.

    We want to give you the chance to be a part of it and to have a guest role in our weekly Saturday stream.

    How to participate?

    Glitch.exe will post a riddle every Tuesday on Discord in the channel #events which leads you to a task or a hint to get the chance to become the next guest. So, stay tuned and prepare to solve it!

    If you’ve successfully finished the task, we’ll contact and invite one or two of you. The outcome depends on the task/hint.

    We hope to meet you in our next stream!

    Your S4 League Team