(Connection Timed Out (2/2) ) (EAC-3)

  • So, i decided to come back to s4 league after a long time and i had to create a new account... So after logging in and having no problem to install and launch the game, i get literally smacked on the face with that error countless times.

    I then decided to use the methods given by others players on this forum, and none of them worked like "change your compatibility to whatever" (i tested all of the compatibilitys), "try to run as admin" (did but not worked), "try to join a server without many players like RU" (tried to enter all servers multiple times and still got the error), "maybe your connection is slow" (i have a 350mb download and upload, so no... my internet is higher than a lot of people), "try reinstalling or putting the game on windows exceptions" (did it and still nothing...), "try deleting the user save archive" (nothing too...)
    Could someone please help me? I literally click to join a channel in-game, it takes a while to load and when it load to my character creation the erro "(Connection Timed Out (2/2) ) (EAC-3)" pops-up with just a "okay" option even though the game on the background of the error loaded just fine... is "EAC-3" because of the easy anti cheat being a lil' bit** with me?

  • Some have reported having issues only when creating the character, some have solved them by doing what u already tried (trying over and over on other servers), others by having a friend make the character for them (can't recommend this one since it isn't secure)

  • I kept trying all the options i said and still the same strange connection timed out error... and the friend option isn't good for me, because none of the friends i mostly talk with even play s4 league.

  • You sadly have already tried all suggestions that we can currently offer. The developers are currently working on solving this kind of issue and we hope that it will happen in the close future. We apologize for this kind of problem that you're encountering.