''TOS'' Let's Talk About it !

  • since many players are getting/got banned for breaking the old great TOS i thought we should give it a look,Opheliafacepalm

    but what if Aeria it self breaking it's own TOS ?

    3.2''The provider guarantees that each game can be accessed 95% of the time on average over the course of the year '':D

    Does that make sense with the constantly crashes from Eac and hackers to the servers and players ?

    it's been more than a month and you still can't provide us with our ID that Eac asks for

    and even if we got Eac unbanned

    What compensation will you make for us for our wasted time ,

    or you simply don't care about your players and just breaking your own tos?:/

    if they are not keeping their part of the agreement/contract/TOS -what ever you name it- why should we ? if we are getting punished for breaking it why aren't they ?

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  • Well, you should quote the whole text then. Ripping it apart won't support you. Read it until the end.

    Regarding the Account ID, there will be an update soon. I'll let you guys know once I have more information.