Scam or just stupid?

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    I think this is basically what we wanted. Advertisement. But there is some stuff seriously wrong about it.

    Let's begin:

    You gotta do the following things to get a code for some awesome (or not) rewards:


    So visit the Giveaway-Hosters website. Fine

    Check out more of their giveaways, also cool.

    Check out more of their advertised free games, nice!


    Join a steam group Called "LootXP: Free Codes, Beta keya, Giveaways"

    Well okay, maybe this is some kind of collab with both of these "services", fine by me.

    So 4 simple things that have nothing todo with s4, to get a rewards for s4?

    No link to like the Super Sonic trailer,m which recently got popular again under the latino community.

    No link to the website/instagram stuff?

    Not even a link to join discord? (Well, I dont know if that particular thing would be possible with

    So you have advertisement without advertising or getting the player to the game. Well let's see what comes next...


    Uhh nice, several mystery boxes, and even the starterpack is in there, sounds like a lot of Items! Might be worth checking out ... you might think.

    They even were so nice and listed all of the stuff you gonna get:


    NICE! With a twist

    Let's move on.


    Okay.. Register, login and redeem and have lots of fun. Epic. except that the link to these "free rewards" is broken and links to a random shop site where you can buy stuff. Well palyed Aeria, you got someone that is just as flawed as you are, congratz.

    So after you were greeted with this:


    You check the free mall and find this:


    The code works on it, so it is no mistake I guess. Its the same "cr4p" we had the last bazillion times. Still, I think its great for starters, no call out on that.


    It is nothing of what you were promised in the advertisement. There is not even a single item from the advertisement listing in the actual rewards. And yes, it's not just a bugged image, I redeemed it to test it:


    Soooo, what is goin on here? Who's fault is it?

    Well, let's get slower here.

    This might just be the same old problems that have been there all the time.

    One of them (Aeria or MMOBomb) started the conversation about advertisement. Aeria was excited, made some small stuff like make as base text for MMOBombs announcement, put some basic links in there etc.

    Then the, I suppose multiple month long, dead silent period. The whole thing was nearly forgotten, but Seri joined the team (I guess), saw it was still there, and you have to know, he is the kind of guy who does first and then thinks. So he goes up to MMOBomb and checks if the deal is still possible, flys over the text, kicks it off, without editing the challenges, the text, the rewards and the links, prints out some codes, hands them over and is happy he did some great advertisement.

    So, yes I think this could have been avoided, I think this is somewhat a scam, And Im happy to bring it up here, so you all can have your 10th Blake Set!.

    Happy New Year.

  • Yes, it is messed up but at least they have started to advertise it.

    Btw since this is targeting new players, the anniversary reward is actually much better. They should fix the other stuff tho.