what can I get as a free2player

  • You should save PEN for capsules, or test your luck in random shop u can always get FP items there aswell, with patience you can get pretty much anything as a free player as long as you do your daily missions and events. So to sum it up, yes, you can get permanent weapons/costumes without paying

  • Basically what I'd like to know is what can I get as a free2player. Is it possible to get permanent weapons/costumes without paying? And where should I spend my PEN, just buying normal weapons?

    Step 1 Save Pen

    Step 2 Save Capsules

    Step 3 Get Boosters either from Mission Capsules or Booster Capsules

    Step 4 Open them All and either get something or nothing at all

    Step 5 (Optional) Get Yellow Esper Chip

    Step 6 Repeat Step 1-4

    It's also important that you complete the missions everyday so you can get caps as well (sometimes it's shet rewards). I'd also recommend having minimum 50 caps before you open.

    You can also try the crafting system which can be hard for u to get the materials fast since ur f2p

    In my experience with Fumbi, this thing is the hardest to get a FP from (I can only get effin gloves and shoes)

  • You can obtain perms with pen from the Random shop, the I-capsules and P-capsules.

    You also get G-capsules from daily missions, daily logins (currently disabled) and some events.

    Early on it is wise to buy timed weapons from the shop (they are very cheap) and use the Random shop for clothes just to have something to wear and eventually you can get a perm in the process. When you get a lot of pen you can try your luck on the I-caps and the P-caps.

    To increase your chances of getting a perm from capsules, don't open them right away but wait until you get a chance booster from missions. Then you can activate it and open the capsules. It will increase the chances for all capsules opened in that day.

    later on when you have a full perm set, you can insert yellow level 5 chip in every part to get even more pen per match.

    Overall, you will get perm stuff with the time and maybe even with good stat so don't really worry about that.

  • well u needs pen first so try to complete all gm/cm events that give pen. Stack pen until u get enough to buy a 30x i-cap set. Keep doing that until u get a perm set. Then u try to make a lvl 5 shiny set. Now u can make pen faster by playing and u can either stack pen again to buy a 30x i-cap of a weapon or try random shop. I suggest the i-cap, 7k pen for weapon on random shop is worse compare to 9.6k pen on i-cap in my opinion. U can't choose what weap or stats to get from random shop.

  • For basic equipment timed weapons and basic set from the shop, when he can spare PEN P-capsules, I-capsules, shiny chips as soon as he has a perm set (which could be obtained via event).

    Actually there is no point of even buying the timed basic set. You can just roll random shop for each costume part. You can get better stat and it will last for few days until you get more pen for more rolls. Not to mention you will get a perm eventually.

    Ofc just going for the P-capsules is better but you will need a lot of pen to buy a bunch.

  • step 1 : get a permanent costume
    step 2 : get lv5 shiny esper chip on shirt,pants,shoes,gloves
    step 3 : play the game and all the weapons will come to you eventually if u get 30k pen from shiny everyday :)

    enjoy and have fun :)

    (i already gotten over 4mil just from shiny esper chip) :D

  • The things that give us free stuff are being killed one by one

    The last fallen hero was the daily mission rewards.

    Next it'll be the PEN rewards after a match is completed