[Guide] How to create a clan in-game

  • Hey everyone, this is new guide on how to create your own clan in-game!

    So first thing you have to do is get online, which is quite obvious. After you've got online, There should be an orange icons bar, on this bar there should be a clan(s) icon which should look like this:

    So after you've found the clan(s) icon, click on it. It'll direct you to the clan(s) section, you can feel free to explore the area/section, but if you're interested in creating a clan, simply click one of these registration buttons:

    After successfully clicking 'Registration', You'll be given an option to give your clan a name, make sure to give your clan the most perfect name in your opinion because after naming your clan, you can NOT change the name again.

    After successfully giving your clan a name, your clan is good to go! Congratulations. 8)

    Quick frequently asked questions,

    Q) How can I get such a cool logo like the others? What is a CCM?

    A) Unfortunately, at this moment this feature is disabled. a CCM is a Custom Clan Mark clan, this was a reward for the clan wars back in the past.

    Q) Can I add people to my clan?

    A) Yes you can! You must be friends/in the same lobby of the player you're interested in inviting and simply right click the users name and click 'C. Invite'

    I believe this guide is now complete. If there's anything I forgot, please let me know via PMs or this thread! I hope this thread helped people who are in need of a clan or just everyone in general!