Earthbros Corner

  • Hi there. I'm earthbros A very Old S4 player Since 08, Terrible Now. I'm eSper.cae Online, But this isn't the Point I created this Thread. I created This thread because I want to make my own Creative Corner. Always had a bad habit of Prioitizing S4 > Drawing, in my past. So Now I want to take time to Build relationship with this Board. I'm going to try to be as active as possible with my drawings. So here's what you'll see.

    1. Life Drawings
    2. Cartoons Drawings
    3. Fan art
    4. Art studies

    I will primarily Show Cartoon drawings, and Fan art. But on occasion I will also show Life drawings and art studies, If I want to show. In time I want to be to a point where I can create Content for this game. This is pertaining to Concept Art, Personally I think that is what is lacking as far as the games issues. Besides game related issues. Depending... maybe... 3-5 Months I'll create A Concept art Thread. Going to be studying Panmaman and all the other previous S4 artist. So you May See that here. But that's All I got for you All Fumbibro's out :Fumbi2:

    Mostof these are reallyold.