The connection with the game server has been terminated

  • Hello,

    when starting S4 I get the "Connection with the game server has been terminated" error.

    Am I the only one facing this issue or is this a general problem?

    Is there anyone who has an idea on how to solve the issue?

    I already reinstalled the game and closed all other programs when the game is running but without success.

    I am using Windows 10.

    I hope there is someone who can help me.

    Edit: I found a solution that works for me. No further help needed for now.



  • Can you tell me your solution? Curious tbh

  • Hello there,

    the issue was related to a time difference between my computer and the game server.

    This time difference occured almost after every reboot because I have a Windows/Linux dual boot system.

    This seems to cause some time differences between the systems when booting from windows into linux or vice versa.

    A first mitigation is to set the time as according to the General technical issues guide.

    However this needs to be done after each reboot.

    Later on I found a site which contains information on how to solve this issue permanently.

    You can find it here.