Story chain

  • I don't know if there has been such a forum game but I'll post it anyway.


    • If you wrote something, wait until somebody else has written something then you can write again
    • Post just one sentence
    • Story can be ended (or the chain can be rather broken) by a Staff BUT the Staff has to write an ending in just one sentence. (I'd appreciate it if you don't end a story by writing "and he suddenly died." lol)
    • When the story ends, the next one can start with another story

    I'll start: Once upon a time there was a potato named Harry Potato ...

    (Hopefully u enjoy ~ / Rules can always be changed by me)


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  • Harry Potato was truly disappointed with his cousin Pig Potter, because he was late again

    P.S: I'm excited to see how this story goes ~ <3

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  • Suddenly tears were rolling down Harry Potato's cheeks, this was his favorite childhood game on the deathbed after all.. he can't let this happen, he immediately calls Pig Potter and they start their journey to save their beloved S4!

  • Harry Potato and Pig Potter started searching for clues to discover who assassinated their favorite childhood game and after 1 second of searching they discovered the culprit.

    IT WAS


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  • That was because immediately after starting their search, they heard evil laughter from just outside the room.

    // 1 sentence counts.

    // May i request the rule that you have to have at least 2 posts from other people before posting again? You know to prevent things like what we did yesterday on the counting game?