From BE to EAC

  • We all have seen battleye, the effectiveness, the failures, the successes and the fixes/solutions. But since it's removed - while we ignore the fact, that the playerbase probably peaks 400 at highest - Global Ban does no longer exist and is removed from the game. And maybe you have been so lucky that YOUR ban haven't been replaced with a "break of ToS", but I'm here to change the awareness about that matter, that there are players playing S4 daily, who is supposed to be banned, but can play freely in S4 and ruining the fun for other players with their former break of ToS whether it's being toxic, cheating or harassing etc. It doesn't matter, they still deserved to be banned. I don't know if the EAC is a bug or somewhat half true, but former banned and using it as excuse or at least trying to achieve so.

    So I hope the EAC can replace the global ban accounts, so they no longer disrupt the flow of the game. And to bring another matter is SOME players getting unban they 'friends' with people inside S4 such as CM without mentioning any names, RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTT? I also know that it was possible to get unban from BE with connections and money, which doesn't matter anymore since its gone. I guess you get my point even though it's pretty confusing and mixed.

    TL:DR Replace global ban with 'break of ToS'-ban because some people don't have it more obviously and is able to play again.