How are you not having fun? The players who complain instead of enjoying the game.

  • OK, let momma get the obvious thing out of the way; I know that S4 is going through some stuff while Aeria tries to figure this out. I know that some weapons cause players grief and should be rebalanced. I know that.. This isn't really about that.. It's about you.. the player. Are you trying to enjoy yourself?

    I have been playing this game for a good while (since my bday 2010-ish) and I have to say when I play, I tend to enjoy myself. Do I give every match my all? Nope. Do I enjoy to win? Sure.. but that doesn't mean I will complain if I lose.. even if it's a horrible loss against things I'm not good at. Heck, I don't even complain much when it's 6v1 (this happens at times). I know some things aren't fair.. but what I found important is having a good time and trying to be friendly.

    Now if you're reading this and you're like me, then great :D. We should play together sometime, if we don't already.. But as we are a smaller population than we used to be I notice more poor sportsmen than I like to see. Players begging to kick new players from their OWN rooms because they can't play TD and win like an experienced player, Players outright trying to bully others just because they fight in a way that they dislike... Which i get that alot x3.

    If varied styles of fighting are making you not enjoy yourself, why are you even playing?

    If you are looking for something competitive out of an amateur's room, doesn't that say something about you?

    If I cannonade shoots you out of the air and your first response is I can't aim... wat?! x3

    TLDR; If you're not having fun.. why you still playing? We all should be happy that people are still around to enjoy the game with you. If you lose a fight against a legitimate weapon.. then you lost.. gg.. improve yourself instead of trying to make a person feel bad (especially me.. my cannonade uses tears as ammunition <3).

  • I'm glad that there's somebody who thinks the way I do about S4. I often (!) create FM rooms with the title "all lvl welcome" and then ppl join and complain about their mates. They start kicking them and most of the players press y, which is really sad. Personally, I enjoy playing S4 even if there are some issues, but ppl should be happy that S4 is still alive and trying to fix all of this. That's my opinion. There's nothing to add I guess.


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  • It adds plenty.. I think there are a lot of people like me out there. I don't understand why people expect a win with every room they go in to. I am glad votekicks didn't exist when I was new.. I probably would of never played this game again DX

  • It adds plenty..

    (Nothing to add from my side xd)

    If I would be a newbie who gets kicked out of a match all the time, I'd uninstall the game since I cannot even enjoy the game and respectively cannot get the chance to play properly. Hopefully the kick vote system will be removed.


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  • Haven't you made this thread before already?

    The population currently seems small only because the ppl get disconnected from the servers all the time.

    Votekicking newbies is a major problem and it should be looked at.

    I am having fun when I can find some rooms. Also I am so glad all the aimbotters disappeared.

  • From an MMO i played in my youth phase i knew, I forgot at times that playing games is about fun. Hence i made a nick that keeps reminding me.

    So many good names have left s4 already. But still some do remain. Be it an Astoria who never flames me, who often gives me invites to s5 even though i suck within a competitive measure. Be it a Keikeu who is a partner in crime in the battle against afk-farmers. Be it a BlackMensa.XIII, who keeps cheering me up if i keep missing everything. And some more

    I really hope they can fix the community-window crash so i can stay in touch with my (few) friends who still remain on the server. It is hard enough to find such people, but tbh those people are great to play with and against. The game makes the game, but we also do.

    improve yourself instead of trying to make a person feel bad


  • Hi, dear.

    I agree with you. It's hard to find people that really enjoy the game without complaining all the time.

    Alguns me chamam de príncipe, outros me chamam de princesa.

  • Hella I really don't know.. I forget >:

    As for anyone else.. When I'm on I try to make a room with no restrictions.. or at worst no healing and ms and it's because that makes me OP..

    Anyone is invited and can enjoy a game with me.. but i usually sit there alone as some people outright just avoid me >:

    there used to be a time when I connected people would kick me outright

  • Hella I really don't know.. I forget >:

    As for anyone else.. When I'm on I try to make a room with no restrictions.. or at worst no healing and ms and it's because that makes me OP..

    Anyone is invited and can enjoy a game with me.. but i usually sit there alone as some people outright just avoid me >:

    there used to be a time when I connected people would kick me outright

    Yeah you made one like this haha

    I would like to have enough time to enjoy this lovely game with ppl like you :P hope the community heals its cancer

  • Pretty sure it's the talkative minority or at least less than half of them are the ones complaining a lot. Majority of the playerbase doesn't even talk anyways.
    Myself, I'm on the fence. The only thing ruining my fun is room rules breaking and not sitting, winning or losing.

    Besides, that I have a lot fun with the game despite the current state it's in and my complains. Though my complains are mainly balancing gripes, even though I'm one of the guys who use the unbalanced weapons.

  • Not every one is the same.

    I have the most fun in unlimited rooms that arent always st2 and set with weap restrictions for obvious reasons. Thats just me. The last 2 times i logged i had to play cpdnf st2 rooms cause it was all that was available.

    Making a room takes 20 years and i dont mind new players that actually try & play the game not just shoot at the walls or something. Most people dont have fun in s4 cause of what it degenerated into. If you still have fun then God bless you.

    Not everyone is the same.

  • gOre according to some players.. I AM the cancer x3.. I get alot of hate in TD for using my standard loadout (Breaker, HMG, Cannonade).. after knocking them in holes several times they literally just give up and let my team win X3.

    If i could put a number on it.. loosely I would say the toxic player ratio is 1:6.. but this is what I observed.. most people just hide in SO rooms which I don't go to those unless invited by a friend and they better enjoy my SO weapons (TB, Dag, Bat or Scythe).

  • Sadly Rail Gun totally ruined (unlimited) chaser. Otherwise it was a fun mode.

    It's still doable if you're smart x3

    I was in a Circle 2 chaser where everyone had a rail and I still won that with a cannonade and breaker <3.

    Newt Not funny ha ha.. a Chaser match does nothing to your stats.. getting mad during it just makes no sense to me >:

  • No one is gonna look at your chaser survivability and factor that in to their ability in a TD or a DM x3

    "Stats" and having fun dont correlate. They make the mode less fun cause they are cheap and broken simple as that. It has nothing to do with stats. I dont even know why you keep bringing it up.

  • I don't think bombs are game breaking.. I use Critical Error for Trolling and they aren't unbalanced in the least.. at least i feel that way

    The lightning bomber is actually the broken one. With Earth Bomb you can avoid huge amount of damage as long as you try to avoid it.

    With the lightning bomb however, it hits you no matter what. As long as you are anywhere in its range it can deal up to 180 damage. Sure it doesn't always deal max damage but considering a person can have at least 2 and everyone is using it, it is pretty much a guaranteed unavoidable kill.

  • Users are becoming more egocentric, the problem that some believe are children of Koreans who are super pro who participate and win tournaments, which are the master of the master in what they do and sometimes there are people who do it 2 times better than they.

    I'll give you an example, a while ago I joined a room sw only, which was Latino (as I am), I find the 10 seconds I enter (also brought the same weapon equipped) that said the room leader in the opposing team "breaker noob" among other insults that are not worth translating into English.

    Honestly being a latam user, I felt embarrassed, having to read that. But so, it happens, they complain about the weapons, they complain about the language (please when we are more than 10, you are going to get into a room that is not using English and you are going to fly, you are very badly stopped, because of logic you leave or you are simply afk ignoring the chat). This last one was in my chaser room.

    People complain about everything.

    - complaint by the lag

    - complaint about the language

    - complaint by the level of the other

    - complaint about weapons

    - complaint for everything.

    As I write this message, I just asked a user that "if he did not like the game he retired, he would not insult". This game is good, but suffers the problems of other online games, communities with children under age who believe that because they insult behind a computer are safe .... (I have seen people go to the extreme and I have seen more than one case they were bothering adults and ended up very badly with the parents, because they got their data, to put them in order and their parents to notify them that their son misuses the internet)

    I understand that there is a "I feel young" mentality but to insult as they never do, is really regrettable.

    Inevitably, while online games are still open for children under 18-21, it will continue to be things like that, also the hacks are usually smaller and some larger than a complete lack of brain.

    Sorry if I sound very bitter or angry, but for years now I see the same problem in this game, but I also saw how this problem multiplied in several games. Try to sound as educated as possible, sorry if I miss a word, with the translator is difficult.

  • s4 league besides being fun is addicting it helps me so much get adrenaline rushes that help me with my depression but at the same time the weapons are so unbalanced and so loot ish that the advantage of playing even fair is frustrated by trolls thinking they own you. The other day while I was in azir ex this player not pointing names said I am around insignificant annoyances. When i challenged them to play since everyone was fighting there response was kid your not worth nor qualified to even touch me I'm on another level. Funny thing was I killed them once lol. But they were beyond arrogant selfish and speaking Ill of everyone e in Spanish which I understand to the T. However what's funny is almost 60 percent of the time had I had there weapons they would have been dead momentous times. There only good because of weapons with over boosted stats sure they can jump but atittude needs a lot of work. Besides that I have played this game for over 10 years but never bought anything that's just how I am but I think the player base is polluted with selfish haughty punks who think there god. Makes playing the game more annoying then fun. I decided to try I private server with the so called weapons they have and guess what! Not only was I on the same level but also being very dangerous of a competitive skilled player again. I am all for a good duel but trolls such as those who rifle you in chaser raping you to where you can't even move nor change weapon is abuse selfish arrogant and laughing at you is the worst sign of any new comer who wants to enjoy or discover s4 league not to mention there rooms are highly not optimize to filter the levels. I am passionate about this because s4 league has been a favorite of mine but they need to as it were drain the swamp with these high heads.

  • I need auto-match making

    RMs are ridiculous

    They make you wait for an hour and then kick you saying they need spot for a friend


    And switching rooms get you crashed...FML

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  • Yeah I have a lot of fun in S4.


    After playing 26 minutes(out of 30) then suddenly crash.

    When I play on Europe server with people who are not from Europe and they hit me with a SO weapon from 5 meters away.

    When I want to do a TD, do the noob jump on the stairs of St2 then someone enters the room and I have entry lag and just fall.

    When I buff up my health to 179 and have decent defense, but a bomb insta kills me no matter the distance(even if 3m away im dead).

    After I play a game i go back to channel to enter another room and the game crashes.

    When I start the game, and it takes 2 mins to start. Meanwhile a famous 2015 worth 45gb of a game takes like 20 secs on the same PC.

    Other than those(and others i just forget) I have tons of fun.:)

  • I know exactly how you feel.

    There's too much BAD competitiveness and not enough good sportsmanship in S4 anymore.

    Most players are too concerned with trying to one up each other, feed their ego's or just straight up moan to/about other players just because they play in a way they do not like.

    I have been on the receiving end of it, and I have slipped up done it myself (not proud of it, I try my best not to do that anymore), hell I still get flak from people when I kill them with weapons they don't consider ''pro'' or ''Meta'', when did that become a rule anyway? Or because I play cautiously and not rush and get called a ''Waiter''

    So far the only way I enjoy S4 now is with friends or clannies, there are some gold rooms/matches out there but they are very few and far between sadly.

    Despite that, I don't intend on letting the complainers take my or your joy away ^^.

  • pls dont die to my english

    There's no competitive anymore. The majority of S5 Player gone playing in private server because they can't adapt wich isnt supposed to be the solution.

    I suggest Aeria to create :

    - an official S5 mod for competitive players

    PEN mod especially for news players that can avoid to get blasted by full premium users

    unlimited mod

    in this case , there will be less reason to not bring back vote kick.

    Casuals/news and competitive player are forced to play together, this create a chaos full of frustration, sarcasm , anger issue and swear. aka toxicity

    Casuals who just having fun seem acts like they dont understand why competitive players get triggered when they're getting one shot'd by a simple bomb throwed randomly from behind a train or others busted weapons that requires low skills . but blast everyone so ez

    in other side, Competitive players pretend to be god and kicks lows skill player out of their team.

    We can hate each other but we belong to the same community wich collide to the same point,the love of s4 league, the best fast paced TPS game

    Its like from the Jackon galaxy episode when 2 cats was constantly fighting whenever the agressive one was seing the other one. They both hate each other butlive in same house , so Jackson told the owners to put cat's food in 2 bowls with an invisible wall between , so the agressive cat was accustomed to eat and see the afraid one without wanting to jump and fight. both cats became more chill days after days.

    I think im talking nonsense.

  • S5 i don't see as a valid restriction as it changes depending on game mechanics.. at least that's what I seen, could be wrong.

    Pen only weapons.. as in bought with pen? Some of us has pretty good Pen bases weaponry to still have an advantage.

    As for Premium and new players.. new players start with a good amount of AP gear to even the odds.. and with regular play might even be full prem without spending a dime if they are wise with their pen.

    It's completely possible to win against full premium using pen only weapons.. many players have proven this... skill is a larger factor while weapon power is minor.

  • It's completely possible to win against full premium using pen only weapons.. many players have proven this... skill is a larger factor while weapon power is minor.

    Stat still gives a huge advantage. I can kill a naked player with 2 hmg crits unlike people who run around with 180 HP and have lvl 5 chips too.

  • is it possible to beat prem players using pen only? Yes, but why would you even bother on trying? Most folks are older players and usually they have a minimum of "skill", running around on PEN stats nowdays (unless you are looking to get the game harder for you for some reason) will only not make the game harder for you, but also for your team as they'll lack somebody with high stats that could be key to winning. Of course you have the freedom to go whoever you like anyways

  • I still enjoy S4 League at the most basic gameplay level. Movement, gunplay, swordplay, aesthetics and music still appeal to me.

    However over the years I've grown to dislike the game because of general instability of the game, mostly due to how old and busted the engine is.

    -Takes too long to load.

    -Prone to disconnecting.

    -Stutter/freezing whenever someone enters an ongoing match or new assets are being loaded.

    -Input lag and general unresponsiveness of the controls most of the time.

    -Lag compensation wackiness (which has been there forever but w/e)

    I did quit like 4 years ago around the Cyborgs season because I didn't like the new content, nowadays I play once in a blue moon a few st-2 matches or Chaser to relive old times but I end up getting frustrated at how busted the performance in this game is.

    I REALLY want to still enjoy S4 League but I can't when it doesn't even work properly let alone doesn't let me play more than 10 minutes due to a disconnect.